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how does the DR compare
is that 'better' than the moderate improvement in ISO?

IMO the real gains from GH2 sensor are video and multi format
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Originally Posted by bobbert View Post
I'm in the same boat, except that I've ADDED lenses to my kit (9-18 and 50mm macro to go with the 12-60 and kit lenses) and upgraded the body to the e30 cheap on ebay. This meets my needs 90% (better noise performance and higher ISO would be nice) but I now feel I have a good enough system to wait out the uncertanties, and when the oly "pro" mft body is a reality I'll have a path to move to. If it never materializes, then I'll see about switching to another brand. Meantime I have years of fun ahead of me...
Well said.


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Interesting comments and observations. But has anybody wondered about the research and patents that Oly is now doing on electro-translucent fixed mirrors for dslrs? Seems like a mirror that would not have to flip up and down would simplify costs, increase the reliability, and be easier to incorporate in a pro body than putting an EVF on it.
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Sony's a33 and a55 cameras seem similar and they use an EVF. I have a feeling if Olympus is able, ecomonically, to develope whatever it is that's up their sleeve (assuming there is something), it will almost certainly have an EVF.

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translucent mirror tech is only going to work if they can offer something back that todays SLRs dont have. And where for the Sony at least the 'focus' is on AF performance and how frame rate can be increased. Good areas to look into if your main weakness is on AF.

The other form of AF using phased CDAF off the sensor ala' Fuji's patent might not be all that brilliant in low light (Im not saying it is, Im saying it might be) as the pixels by size would be less than those off of say Canons CMOS AF sensor.

Multi format is another, b/se now the EVF can display only the chosen format, and those formats can be optimised onto the sensor instead of all cropped from a 4x3 frame. Another function is live WB, where what you see is what you get, and something that traditionally we have done pretty well at in AWB.

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