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Originally Posted by zig-123 View Post


It's a worthwhile read and provides a wealth of information on the subject.
Indeed! Thanks for sharing!
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With all this info you've been given, your brain is going to go on overload..
Good info from JohnG, knows what he's on about and excellent rugby shot comparisons he sent.

One thing that stands out for me is "too much depth of field.DOF" The people in the stands are as sharp as the players. That's distracting. Your first shot is at f5.6, go for a bigger aperture try f3.5, it'll help your subjects to stand out, that will also give you a faster shutter speed helping sharpen up the shot, so plus on both items.

If you can shoot from a lower position that might help as Ozzie Phil mentioned and try not to cut off the legs.

Ozzie Phil, don't mean to be rude, you do know that he's shooting at 400MM with the 4/3 sensor?

Keep shooting and show us more.
"You are who you pretend to be."
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Hi Phil,

Thanks for the comments. I am going to look forward for the club level games and practice. I am in Melbourne and at times we have all 4 seasons in a day, So cant predict whats up next I enjoy this though.

I have already taken your points and am going to use those and practise the shots. As mentioned AFL is something i have cheered more than any game in the world, besides me being Badminton player for last 10 years.

Thanks for all the valuable points and will definitely post more on this.


Originally Posted by Ozzie_Traveller View Post
G'day Peru

For a first go, mate you've not done too badly
However if I may - there's much more that you can do to show the vigour & excitement of an AFL footy game. You will know that AFL is much more active than soccer-football, rugby-pick it up & run like hell-ball or USA flick & kick-ball [sorry to the US people here :-) ]

Okay - lens wise ... 200mm is your absolute minimum, 300-400 is much better; to freeze the action you'll need 1/1000sec, probably also needing ISO-1000 or thereabouts as well

For my AFL shots, I generally position myself in or close to the goal-circle, and get the players as they are coming towards / and kicking for the goal posts. Once the ball passes into the other half of the field, my camera has a rest. Also, I try to get down onto the grass so that I'm looking up at the action - the kicking, marking, passing the ball etc are all above camera level, so the action seems more vigorous

I suspect that a couple of VFL games or even your local club-level games will give you more action closer to your camera position than a major AFL game, shot from the grandstand

Hope this helps
Regards, Phil
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