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I love them all .... and I'm starting to really get interested .... to buy the 50-200mm !!

Anybody's looking for an excellent condition 70-300mm????
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Don't get too down on the 70-300! It's a pretty darn good shooter. It gets closer than the 50-200 can on its' own. Last Spring I used mine quite a bit with the E30 in shooting the wildflowers around here.

The f2.8-3.5 speed-thing when not using the 50-200 with the EC20 is definitely a big consideration compared to the speed of the 70-300, especially if you do not use tripods alot like I rarely have in the past, although that is changing since I did just upgrade my tripod, the oldest piece of equipment I have, to a new, light-as-a-feather carbon fiber unit from Manfrotto. We'll see how much it slows me down. It definitely cost enough so the incentive is more than there to get a lot of use out of it!
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awww, the roses are blooming. These are quite nice Greg and a bit inspiring, my neighbor lady's roses are looking really pretty too.
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wonderful shots..!! all of them..!!!
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