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.....great series Zig

I've never been to New York (city or state) but it seems a place for enjoyable photo ops from yours and all I've seen.

It would be fun to visit B&H, maybe one day I will have an opportunity.
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I enjoyed all of these, Zig. A great series.

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Default Fantastic pictures Zig.

You are very lucky to have a nice weather, the entire week we had rain and cloudy days.

Love the bridge pictures, the park looks very calm and quiet at 6:30 AM.

I work just two blocks from B&H, it is my play ground...

Now the store is bigger than 2 years ago, they are using the entire 2nd floor just for camera display, client service and accessories.

Thank you for posting.
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Hey Zig

Very nice selection of shots and as the guys mentioned the bridge pics are really cool! I never got a chance to wonder around central park and it does look like a really cool place to pop in and see.


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Hi everybody,

Thanks for all the kind comments and taking the time to look.


If you've never been to NYC, you owe yourself a trip someday. Granted, it is far more pleasant an experience to go into Manhattan and then visit all the hot spots and places of interest with someone who has lived in the City for more than 20yrs. But, I'd still go if I didn't know a soul.

Hi Greg,

Like you, I've bought a bunch of gear from B&H over the net but going there is an experience everyone who has an interest in photography should do. The size alone is almost overwhelming.

As an aside, I did have a chance to hold and shoot an E5 while I was there.
As much as the E-30 was a leap from the E-510, the E-5 is even a bigger leap from the E-30.

The camera feels good in the hand. Great size for my large hands, with a very smooth sounding shutter. The viewfinder would be reason enough for me to want to get one.

Hey Harj,

Thanks for the comments. London is on my short list of places to visit with camera in hand. I love walking city streets and just experiencing the world all around me.

Hi Marcelo,

We were indeed very fortunate to have the rain let up Thursday afternoon when we drove to the City. While the sky and lighting was not particularly helpful, we managed to fire off 350 images during our stay.

My friend owns a construction project management firm that builds skyscrapers all around the New York City area. As a result, we get a chance to get into some of the more interesting projects that he's currently involved in.

As for Central Park, I could just stay there the entire time I'm in the City.
It is so rich in history, places to visit, people to photograph , etc.

Maybe next time I get there, we might have a chance to meet. I'd like that.


So you want to be a better photographer? Open your eyes and take a look at what is all around you.
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