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Originally Posted by Steven R View Post

Actually this is jeep has a history, and is probably known by many of you.
Any guesses?
I'm guessing that this General Purpose vehicle was the one used by Patton when he charged into Bastone to save those Airborne guys...and they asked him what he was doing there.

Or not!
"You are who you pretend to be."
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Originally Posted by Ozzie_Traveller View Post
G'day all

Getting off-topic from the O.P. but .....
There are a lot of non US people around the world who have the perception that the US "with 10% of the world's population consumes 50% of the world's petroleum products ~ and that's not fair, it's not sharing the world's resources etc etc"

- now while the numbers may be inaccurate, the perception is what's there and from at outsider's viewpoint, that can make it a bit scary for the future

Regards, Phil
And you would be correct.
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Originally Posted by eharrim View Post
Back to the original question, what is the history of the jeep ? Is it a Willys Overland ? There is a lot of history with the jeeps which were the original off road vehicles. I always liked the open looks of the older jeeps. I believe some of them started out using 9N tractor engines in them.
This jeep was abandoned in the woods at Silver Springs, Florida after years of use by Hollywood movie and TV studios. Think back to the old Tarzan and Jungle Jim movies, and there were also a lot of TV shows that did location shots there, like "Sea Hunt". People think of the clear, sparkling water when they think of Silver Springs, but the tropical woods around there have also served as jungle scenes for movies, TV shows and lots of commercials. So there is a good change that you have seen that jeep before in its better days on the silver screen or on TV re-runs.
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M151 Ford Mutt
common Vietnam era mobility

what gives it away is the distinctive horizontal grill cutouts, the notched rear wheel aperture,
the rounded corners on the 1 piece windscreen, and the location of the fuel tank filler

hard to tell but it looks to have D-link fittings on the front bumper corners, which would make it Marine issue not Army

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