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I like it, nice shot of a little birdie.

(We don't have many jays around my area. They would get beaten up by all the 15+ pound birds in my area, so they stay away. )
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Another good image of a Blue Jay. Sharp, good clarity, and color.

I'm not sure if the perch that he's on is a prop or not. But, if it is, might be time for a new one.


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I stirred something up here didn't I?
Doesn't take anything away from the photo though.

As for 15+ pound birds, they don't seem to worry the Stellar Jays here.

Saturday mornings we used to get our jay/hawk show. A hawk (sharp shinned I believe) would come at a jay, then just as all is lost for the jay, it easlily side slips and ends on the hawks 6. Then the rest of the jays would join the fun running the hawk ragged.

Every now and then a jay would take a time out and come to the feeder for a break then go back to join the fun.

When the hawk would perch in the tree for a rest, a jay would always come and sit about a foot away on the same branch and always looked like he was having a conversation about the hawks mother and parentage.

Always entertaining. It's ended now, presumably the hawk got smarter.
"You are who you pretend to be."
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