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Lenses .. this is where Oly has really spoiled us and where they should have played to their strength.

Oly should have intro'd at least 2-3 newer FT lenses - (1) 100mm f2.8 macro (which they cancelled) (2) 45mm F1.8 or faster portrait lens and (3) a HG version of the 300 or possibly a 400 F4 prime after that they could have stated that the lens line up is complete. The 45mm F.18 .. simply to give those that didn;t want to or could not get the 35-100F2 a real option for a portrait lens and the same goes for a 300 or 400f4 HG. They've done it for M43 but a 45mm F1.8 HG/SHG should have been available after the 1st year of the E systems release.

When I look at the M43 lens line up.. it looks a real mess to me there are some gems like the Pana 20mm F1.7, 12mm F2, Pana 7-14F4 but the multiple versions of the same lenses from both PAna and OLy is just crazy. It reminds me of the Canon/Nikon line up and trying to work out which version of a certain lens is the one you really want or need - thats where I simply decided that if I have a nikon/Canon setup it has to be just 2 lenses - 24-70F2.8/70-200f2.8s...

Look at FT . and we have 3 ranges, nice and easy to decide on which lenses are going to suit your IQ and budget. Completely not so with M43, but you don;t get that picture from the Oly m43 lens map.

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