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I like the sound of #5.

The "whites" slider in #6 sounds interesting. I guess you could now possibly combine it with the "blacks" slider and do some, if not much of what you might have used the curves tool for.
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Great info, thank you Greg and Harj for taking your time and explain it.


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Some pics.. a bit rushed and just screen shots ... so I know not quiet right and I apologies if my methodology isn't correct . What I wanted to do was open the files in LR3 and LR3 - apply the same changes and export to jpeg and then upload but It looks as if the LR4 beta over rights the LR3 program folder, which is a real pain in the butt although I need to check that as my LR3 didnt launch while LR4 was open.

Lr4 - High light recovery using the new 2012 profile:

"Before" - original RAW file - "After" - Hightlight slider adjusted only.

At 100%

Left is how the original RAW file looks with the 2010 profile/LR3.x - the after is the 2012 profile and highlight recovery only

2. High ISO - 1250. Before - 2010 profile/LR 3.6 version, After - 2012/LR4.x. Sikh armour piercing battle spike from the 1700s.

WB changed to tungsten in LR4

3. Outdoors at low ISO and difference in colour with the new 2012 profile:

Spitfire at Duxford: Before - LR 3.x/2010 camera profile : After LR4.x/2010 camera profile

At 100% - not sure whats going on with the colour of the pilots neck in the LR4 pic..

Before - LR 3. + 2010 Camera profile

100% crop

4. LR4 + 2012 camera profile simple PP imaged:

All 100% crops of the pic of a US NAVY Skyraider at Duxford Air Museum

Before original RAW file - After - Fix highlight clipping, clarity @ 32 and some sharpening:

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