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Yes, I am English thus called a Pom, or perhaps better known as a Limey over your neck of the woods.

The older kangaroo loses its strength, can not get over fences, is prone to attacks by foxes, unable to chew properly and very often gets cleaned up on the roads.
Cheers from Oz


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Originally Posted by Leeston View Post
The older kangaroo loses its strength, can not get over fences, is prone to attacks by foxes, unable to chew properly and very often gets cleaned up on the roads.
Gee, just like old men!
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G'day fellas

Originally Posted by tkurkowski View Post
Thanks for posting these. Why would he die from being outside the pack? Lack of protection from predators? Ted
Originally Posted by Steven R View Post
Nice shots Lee, thanks for posting and for the information. We wish the kangaroo good luck. By the way, what is a "Pom" that you call yourself?
Without taking anything away from Leeston's posts -
I'm surprised that you don't know the term "pom" [as the whole world knows the term "yank"] ... but the Pommies are the Brits, and the original Poms were in fact spelled P.O.M.E. as "Prisoner Of Mother England"; those transported around the world for the heinous crimes of stealing a slice of bread + other similarly awful things.

As to the life / death of Aussie wildlife, the most dangerous indigenous predators in Australia [after us] is the crocodile, the wild dingo in the outback, nearly all of our local snakes, followed by the cane toad imported from south america, followed by the imported european fox & imported domestic cat ~ so unless the animal lives in the tropics of Australia where crocodiles or dingoes abound, there are the snakes, then us - with motor cars and the occasional professional hunter after meat for dogs.

Kangaroos are hunted for the 'game' food marketplace and it is a very pleasant and totally fat-free meat ~ mostly kangaroos are culled as they flourish in their thousands around farm waterholes and compete with cattle for grasses etc - so the farmer culls them & leaves the carcass to the dingoes and crows

Regards, Phil
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