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so what about Canon 6D, My end game if Olympus does not do something come Mid 2013 I will be jumping ship.
I do love the Olympus lenses but to many shoots are lost in dark situations, and CAF. I might do a paralleled system Canikon 24-70 with a flash and see when i sell Olympus stuff to fund other lenses.
yet if they where to bring a D7 and fix the problems we have said then they will keep our loyalty. only time will tell if they decide to shaft us like OM2.
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Hi Brian

Haven't come across any hands on news of the 6D but I'd assume that its in the 5DMKII ball park performance wise, We'll just have to wait and see how people get on.

The dust bunnies on the D600 caught me by real surprise and still makes me glad that we've never had to deal with those kinds of issues with the E's. Here's a thread over at DPR


Also it looks as if the DX D300 shooters that Hogan wrote about a couple of months back are feeling pretty neglected by Nikon.. just like us E system shooters, although I think theres more of a chance Nikon doing a D400 than Oly making an E-7

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Harj - yep, the D300 and canon 7d shooters are a bit angry right now. IMO, Canon and Nikon have used the 'full frame advantage' card as an excuse to drive up the price point of their bodies. For example in Canon - when I bought my 1dIII - Canon's top sports DLSR at the time it was around $4,000. They now sell the 5dIII for $3500 - the 1dx for $7000 etc. As a business they want people to buy a 5dIII - they don't want to produce a 7d successor unless they have to. Same with Nikon. They want people to stretch and buy the full-frame. The "full frame advantage" is the marketing that will allow them to raise the price point (yes full frame is more expensive but likely not as much as the cost difference in models implies - they increase the margin as well I'm sure).
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