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Originally Posted by HarjTT View Post
Hi Ken

Know exactly what you mean about the hot pixels, although I've not hit that problem myself. The E3 and i think all later cams had a "dark frame subtraction" and here's wrotnails take on it:

You hit the right idea.
When I first acquired the camera, way back when. I went to the Wrotniak bible and read up on it. His take on Noise Reduction was "It's useless under 5 seconds? (About that) so I dismissed it from my memory files..

He didn't say how important (or I didn't read any further) it was above 5 seconds.
Here are a couple of shots of the sensor, cropped to about 25% just to show the difference. Both shot at 60 seconds, f22, 100 ISO. 1st one with NR in the ON, the other with it off. You can really see those hot pixels in the 2nd.

The third is a shot I took last night at exactly the same setting. (NR on) Nice and clean.
Interesting, to me that is, that there was about a 4" chop on the water, that 60 secs levels it right out.

Funny (or not) after all these years with the camera, there's always something new to learn.
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