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Originally Posted by tkurkowski View Post
I had to think this through and what you're proposing really is the kind of innovation Oly is good at.

I'm still very skeptical about the EVF. I use pro-level videocams and I'm not impressed with their EVFs for my still photography. (We're talking about very expensive videocams here.)
my GH2 is pretty good, but in handling it isnt that perfect
Ive used it at events were conditions were just too poor to use E5 or 5D
and I needed lens speed I just didnt have,I was down to a Konica 40/1.8 wide open,but thats one lens that can deleiver even wide open

that meant I was all MF, which is fine as the system has magnification,you just have to figure out a few things at once.You have to 'know' what your composition is, 'know' where the focus point is so that you can set the max magnification point (touch screen), then take the shot at the instant of focus. But it is deadly accurate, and the system fires quicker than you can think, .... mostly

and on that
I also had a crack at astro with the GH2

Now I had no idea what I was doing but the experience was on the whole worthwhile. The thing is, I had no AF on the little pricks of light of stars (who would have thunk!), so you need to be able to see the target star field in order to manually focus.

Exposure was wide open, ISO 800, 15 seconds shutter. Once you set 15 secs shutter the info you get is now 15 seconds old, so its like adjust then wait, adjust then wait etc. total pita

I was smart enough to try P mode for AF, then change to Manual to set the shot, but the focus information for the PL 25 gets dumpted when you change modes! aghhhh ! Back to M mode MF, try wait, try wait...

those are the sorts of things that are fixable that only come to light with field experience

improvements theyve achieved in the years since is to increase the Mp of the EVF so theyre less grainy especially under magnification, and improve the clocking rate so they are faster and more reactive. This goes straight to smearing and those issues. Improve sensor noise so its less noisy. This is in the extreme of conditions but theyve got a lot better in just 5 years. Certainly fine for most of what I do, and for the easy ones fine for night performances too
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