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Originally Posted by Rriley View Post
Boss had lived his previous 2 years on the end of a rope because they didnt have fencing. He is just to active too be around small children which they had 3.

In my house he lives inside as long as Im there. He had never seen chairs or furniture or a TV set, he was unused to the concept of windows and tried at first to walk through them.
Like children, he's fond of cartoons, or any sport with a ball, all of which he will watch intently so its an ideal baby sitter.

Kinda loose language but well, he is only 3.

Dogs like him can run 50km a day, they dont care how hot it is but they wont go in water. He can clear a 4'6" fence and is a scary fast runner.
Theyre devoted to just one thing, their pack; Im fortunate in that Im either in his, or he's in mine.
Dogs are good people aren't they mate?

Had to smile at your comments, reminded me of that old joke ad.
Doberman for sale, eats anything, loves children.....

All have unique characters. We used to take Eric (The half a bee) trail riding. We'd ride the motorbike and run him until he was stepping on his tongue. If we didn't stop he'd run forever. We lived 7,000 ft in the Utah Mts back then. He loved that snow, hated to sleep inside.

Funny he hated balls or frisbies. Tossed a frisbie for him once and he went and fetched it. I tossed it again and he went and found it took it away and ripped it into little pieces, never went after another one. Smarter than me was Eric..
"You are who you pretend to be."
Kurt Vonnegut Jnr.

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