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This is why I bought two sets of cactus remote triggers to use with my Olympus flash units. I do not find the Olympus wireless system all that intuitive or reliable. The Cactus units force you into either all manual or auto-flash with the exposure determined by the flash, meaning you have to set the aperture manually on both the camera and flash, but at least the darn flash fires when you need it to, and they do not have to be line-of-site like the Olympus system requires.

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Thanks Greg, I'm all done screwing around with that. I'm just going to buy the wireless remote that has the head with a wire connecting to the remote trigger input. No problems, further range, and no settings to change on the camera. Slap it on and shoot.
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Originally Posted by HarjTT View Post
Hey Mike

Good to see posting .. hope your keeping well ! You still shooting with Oly kit or did you move onto something new ?

Still have my two E-M5s (one black, one silver), but since getting a photography job I do less personal stuff; have to force myself to shoot by signing up to Meetup events cause I just don't feel like doing my own stuff after a day of shooting and photoshop.

I've gone back earlier hobbies of playing with synthesizers as an end of day stress reliever since photography just reminds me of work, although right now I mostly have GAS, finding stuff I couldn't find in my youth that's now cheap, like an iPad version of the $20,000 Fairlight CMI.
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