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Thanks very much for this tip. I was having the same problem focusing on a subject due to the box size.
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I'm not sure the same works on the EP1. First I need to get the green box displayed (by pressing the info button repeatedly until it appears on the screen) before I can enter the zoom mode. Then I press the OK button to enter the zoom mode and I can select either 7x or 10x. Once I select 10x and press the OK button again to exit the zoom mode, I see that the size of green box is reduced. However, I believe that (at least) on the EP1, this green box has nothing to do with focus but with the zoom function. The reason is because when I half press the shutter, I see a larger green box blinking on top of the small green box and I believe that's the focus area. See, on the EP1, you can't press the zoom button (actually there is no dedicated zoom button...it's the OK button that's used to zoom) unless you select the green box from the info display first. Yes, the green box gets smaller or larger depending on the magnification (7x vs. 10x) but I'm not sure its function is really not to re-size the AF field. Again, I'm talking EP1 here. It is very possible that the EPL1 behaves differently.

I just tested something else. After I reduced the size of the green box, I moved it to the right of the LCD but when I pressed the shutter, the focus green box blinked at the center. So, the little green box is really not having anything to do with the focus point on the EP1.


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@OP Thank you Charles. Just came across this on DPR, a post from, tigree45x on the MFT forum.

It works like a charm! It is faster and much more pricise.

Thanks again! It makes the epl-1 my favourite cam.

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Default Question

Originally Posted by cshanaberger View Post
One of the problems I was having with the epl-1 was the autofocus would miss due to the size of the autofocus box (autofocus sensitivity). sometimes the camera would focus on something behind or in front of the subject that was also included in the focus box. Well I figured out something Olympus didn't include to much detailed info on in the manual. You can change the autofocus sensitivity of the epl-1 by actually changing the size the of the autofcus box, & let me tell you this really helps with critical focus. here is the trick.

1. from the normal shooting screen, press the "zoom" button once.
2. press the "info" button once. 7x will be displayed in the bottom left corner.
3. press the "up"(exp. comp.) button once you get to 10x & the autofocus box gets smaller, press again you get 14x the auto focus box gets even smaller.
4. press "ok" Just Once now you can move the smaller box around using the keypad.
5. to go back to full size box just press the "ok" button once more.
6. The neat thing is that once you intially set your desired autofocus box size, it can be easily recalled just by hitting the zoom button once.

unless you press ok a second time the smaller autofocus point remains from shot to shot, when the camera is powered down the box resets to full size, just simply hit the zoom button once when you power it up & your back to the smaller autofocus point.

Although I just figured this out last night on a walk, I could also say to me that the autofocus speed significantly increased due to less hunting, but will have to shoot more of a variety to know for sure.

I hope this may help some epl-1 owners cause it seemed to work wonders on my walk last night when I figured it out.


What "zoom button?" I zoom by using the zoom ring on the lens. Is there a zoom button? checked manual and didn't find one! HELP!!

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The buttons he is talking about are the two in the upper right-hand corner on the back where you zoom in and out during review. The one you would press to zoom the focus box in is the one on the right that you use to zoom in when reviewing an image.
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you must be a genius
I've used epl1 for 2 monthes ans as soon as the first day it's only drawback, to me, was this too large green box
I discovered your idea thanks to a link in dpr and I thank you to have given me a new friend : epl1

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Oh this is awesome. Many of my photos from Africa were ruined because the camera continued to focus on the background behind the subject on the AF point. This was my biggest complaint about it. I'll be sure to enact right away!
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Here is the test of the small AF box. Seem pretty apparent it works like it is billed.

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Hi Charles,

I'm late to the party on this one. But I have to say that your tip is, to me, invaluable. I tried it this morning. It works extremely well in focusing just exactly what you want the camera to focus on.

many thanks!


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Is it needed and would it work you think in my E-PL2?
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