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Default As Close I Probably Ever Get..

Especially when trying to handhold as I did with these couple of images with the 60mm f2.8 Macro and the E-M5. Captured raw and processed in the Olympus Viewer II software..

Just hanging on....not captured as closely as the first two, but gives some idea how you can separate the subject from the background wide open at f2.8..

and f5.6, with some backlight..

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Great examples of the 60mm lens' capability of isolating the subject from the background as well as it's macro image quality.

With the release of the EMD5 and, each new lens release, I'm getting more and more convinced that Olympus really did do the right thing by concentrating their R&D on m43.

They now have an almost complete system of cameras, accessories and lenses.
(I'm thinking a couple of more primes )

Nice work Greg.


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....as near to perfect as I would ever wish for. What Zig said goes for me too.
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Great detail/contrast.
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One thing I have to admit, the Olympus Viewer program does do an outstanding job with files where I've exposed well for the highlights.

The E-M5 is also the first Olympus camera I have used, DSLR or Micro Four-Thirds, that has a sensor good enough one can confidently used the auto gradation setting to lift shadows and not have them full of noisy "stuff", which makes Viewer even more useable than ever before.

If Olympus could only work out a highlight recovery tool in Viewer that actually worked they would have pretty much a complete raw processor.
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That top leaf has some amazing detail.

I use Lightroom 4, but will have to check out that Olympus software someday.
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