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Default Which computer software on a MAC?

I recently just purchased a E-PL2 and I am learning how to use it. I had a question come up over the weekend. I am a MAC user and relative newby regarding photography.

When I go to transfer all of my photos to my computer (MAC) should I just use iPhoto? The camera also came with Olympus software Viewer 2. What is Viewer 2 used for?

Sorry if these questions are a little elementary, but I though this would be a good place at ask.

Also, can you shot black & white pictures without using the art filter?

Thank you in advance for any help.

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Hello Jeff,

Wether or not you use I-Photo to store your images depends on how much post processing+editing you're going to get involved in. If you're the type of person that wants to take the best shot you can and then do as little as possible to the image afterwards, then bringing the images intro I-Photo is okay.

If you do plan on getting a photo editing package such as Lightroom 4 or Photoshop Elements 11, then either of those packages really do come with a system of organizing your mages. If, you think that you will go in that direction
then I would try an pic up a copy now and import the photos using that particular software package.

Also, Picasa 3, a free photo editing package put together by Google is a consideration, as it allows you to do basic photo editing, it's easy to use and easy to get up and running.

By the way, FWIW, I have an IMac 21.5 machine and use Photoshop CS6 photo editing software.


So you want to be a better photographer? Open your eyes and take a look at what is all around you.
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For ALL my file transferring I use Finder. Either by taking the card out of the camera and slipping it into the Macbook's built-in reader, by using an external card reader, or by connecting the camera directly the card will appear as an external drive...just highlight the files and COPY them (DON'T MOVE THEM). After you copied them, then make an additional copy to your backup device.

I don't trust any other program (iPhoto, Lightroom, etc.) to do this step.

Then after I've done some backups, only then do I format the card, IN THE CAMERA.

If I was using Windows, I'd be using Windows Explorer for copying the files, for the same reason.
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Sounds a lot like how I do, do this on my windows machine. Once the card holder is plugged into the machine and the card loaded it shows up as a separate drive. I open the folder on that drive up with the files in it, open up a second window on the drive where I want the images to go, highlight all the files and drag them over. Once completed, I have the set still on the card and the new set that's been copied over to the computer drive, exactly where I want them, not somewhere a program like Lightroom needs them to be so it will recognize them.

I then put the card back into the camera and format.
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hi as a mac user you can connect via a card reader and transfer that way you use a program like apples aperture 3 that is a big step up from iphoto
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Hi Jeff
The pen is a wonderful way to get yourself into photography, it can be as simple or involved as you choose. And yes, it will do b/w without having to use the art filter setting. Using the camera menus, set the Picture Mode to Monotone to create a b/w image.
As to software on your mac, the Oly Viewer 2 is an organizing and editing software package that will allow you to experiment with post processing your photos. Is it as good as the commercially available packages? probably not. But it is free. Cannot speak to how fast it may operate -- on occasion I use the older Master 2 and it is dreadfully slow on my machine.
I do use iPhoto for organizing and experimental adjustments, then taking the original and working on them in Photoshop. I rarely shoot RAW, again mainly because on my machine the process is slow.
As to bring the camera files onto the computer, lots of good suggestions above. I copy all my original shots onto a separate external hard drive, and then import into iPhoto only the ones that are keepers or near keepers.
Have fun, let us know how you are getting along
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Default What resolutions

Thank you for all of the great imput.

When you download the pictures, do you do it at the full resolution?
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I know of no good reason to not download images into your computer at full resolution, so I'm guessing you're really asking about uploading to the internet, and I always do upload full-resolution files, but I also have a Smugmug account with no limit on size and a fast internet connection. You can always load smaller versions to a forum, with a link to your folder if someone wants to see the image in its' original full resolution.

The one thing that does irritate me to no end is when I see a great-looking image posted in a forum, but it's at some sub atomic-level, size-wise, and when I click on it too get a closer look the darn thing either is not any bigger or just one teeny, tiny step bigger. Nothing will get me to close a post faster and go on to something else than that. I don't know if it's people afraid someone's gonna steal their image or they just don't want to wait on the longer uploads, but when I look at an image I want to be able to see it. Not at 100% so I can make out the grain structure, but just get a comfortable view.
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