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Default Do we even understand the power of our olympus cameras?

I do not know whether to be really excited or very [email protected]#* off with the pen epl-1. After figuring out the autofocus box reduction, I decided to give the manual another go around. Either due to lack of sleep or just one of those "I see the light moments". I was reading about the image overlay option last night in the epl-1 manual (pg. 64). The manual again is very vague in description but you can chose 2 or 3 images and overlay them, there is a tip to do 4 or more also. Well the way I understood this the first time I read the manual it was to do creative effects with 2 different subjects then overlay them (wasn't to interested in doing that). Well then the "light" came on in my head about 1:30 last night. Would it be possible to combine 3 different exposure values of the same subject, sort of an extended dynamic range type function. Got up this morning & couldn't get this out of my head, instead of doing the work I should be doing, grabbed the pen & decided to try this thought out. set the pen on exposure bracket took 3 frames then followed the manual (the best I could) to overlay the images, you can adjust the gain(transparency) of each image between .1 & 2.0 to give each image its own priority in the stack (i.e. more shadows or highlights). Initial results is it works, I seemed to have gotten more noise free shadow detail & blown free highlights. the edit screen is hard to see the final results on with the lcd, so hooked up the pen to the tv to better see the gain adjustments for each image this helped get the image closer to the final look I was looking for. (wish this could be done in viewer 2). I think this might also be possible using the multiple exposure function, but haven't thought it out yet. If I could get this refined, this possibly has huge potential for doing "realistic" HDR images right in the camera. although I am not posting any results yet, thought I would throw this out to the great minds on this forum & see if we could come up with a way to make this work since Olympus's tech manual writer needs REPLACED. I do not know if anybody has tried this & could provide any helpful insight. Also tried researching this on Olympus's site this morning but didn't find anything helpful(go figure). I did notice this is probably possible with all pens & the e-30 & 620. I will try to link this in the Dslr forum to get more input.


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Very interesting. I may have to try it out one day. These oly camera's are very powerful photography tools, the keep on surprising me on what they can do.
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