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Default E-M1 and ISO 100- Fantastic for Landscapes

The in-camera dynamic range at ISO 100 is probably around a stop or so less than the native ISO 200 so you have to be a little more careful at the high-end of the exposure range, but shadows in raw files open up extremely clean, making the final dynamic range after post processing pretty much about the same. A little bit of clipping is still recoverable in ACR so one does not have to go completely conservative with the exposures.

With the 12-40mm f2.8 lens I see no issues with image blurriness when used in the 1/60 to 1/200 shutter speed range I see so many complaining about with micro bodies, and using ISO 100 and capturing shadowy subject matter you will be forced into those speeds if you keep the aperture at f5.6 or so, which seems to be about the right aperture for decent depth of field without reducing shutter speeds too much with this lens.

Even searching out subjects veiled in heavy backlight there's still plenty of dynamic range using ISO 100.

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the detail from highlight to shadow is very impressive, especially when viewed in full size on Smug mug, I think if they'd shined up those reflective balls on the first image I would have been able to make Greg out in the reflection.
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Very nice Greg.
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Wonderful compositions and detail for tricky lighting. Kudos. Also nice to see ISO Low report as ISO 100 in EXIF. Wonder why they just didn't call it ISO 100. I've steered clear of it but you've allayed my apprehensions.

John Foster at Biofos suggests "You will know Olympus have increased the ISO range to 200 - 256000 on their latest models including the E-M1. However on this camera they have added 'Low ISO' or ISO 100 (equivalent) is an 'extension' setting. It's not recorded anywhere what ISO 100 actually is but it seems to be software generated. That said it offers a level of finesse and detail not previously seen."

Guess it really dosn't matter what it is as long as it provides a "level of finesse and detail not previously seen"
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