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Exclamation E-M5 firmware issue causes panic attack...

I was shopping for Nikon lenses today to use with my Lensbaby Tilt Transformer (LTT). The LTT has a lens release to release the Nikon lens, and of course you use the lens release button on the E-M5 body to remove the LTT from the camera.

At one point during changing lenses I must have pressed the release button on the E-M5 body and turned the LTT slightly without knowing it.

Now what caused the panic attack was by pressing the E-M5 lens release button and turning the LTT slightly it caused the live view image on both the LCD and EVF to turn black, as if I had a lens cap on the camera.

I changed modes, kept looking at the front of the lens to see if there's a lenscap on it...I removed the nikon lens leaving the LTT on the camera and it was still giving a black live view image (at this point I could see the sensor through the LTT since there are no optics in the LTT.*So at this point I was panicking thinking I now owned a $1000 boat anchor.

As a final attempt (I don't know why I tried this), I removed the LTT...I SAW THE LIGHT!!! *So then I reattached the LTT and still saw light, until I pushed in the Lens Release and at that point the screen went black!

Now back with the E-x and E-xxx cameras when an AF lens wasn't fully locked you'd just lose the aperture indicator and the lens wouldn't focus...you'd still see through the lens, so I wasn't prepared for something like this.

It's STUPID for Olympus to tell you the lens is not locked by showing a black screen without any indication of what was wrong. In addition to the black screen there should be a message stating "The lens is not locked...please reattach." *Without a warning message, you think your camera is dead!!!
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.....some moments like yours work off ones first reaction and 'panic' can be that reaction, been there myself but not for this reason.

I have, for me, an old habit of holding my cameras with the lens-mount facing downward to change lenses and the first time I pressed the E-P3 release I saw the LCD blank the TTL image while other data remained displayed.

So, I saw it right-off and it has never been an issue for me. But in a situation like you mention where the release might be inadvertently pressed to allow partial dismount of the lens I can imagine the 'panic' mode; even for those of us who might be aware.

Thanks Mike for sharing your experience..... which will be easier remembered than just the fact that it is this way.


I want a PEN update TOO that tells me, '....there is no media-card in the camera' in a size that will be recognized.
What is displayed in no way is a warning statement.

I recently triggered a few clicks without a card in the P3 and that was really a PO.

Glad the EM-5 is not an 'anchor' for you.... it ain't big enough to be much of one.
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