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Default The E-M5 and a Three Lens Zoom Kit

After using the primes so much, today I switched to a three lens zoom kit and went downtown to see how much I could stress the E-M5 files and retain as much highlight and shadow details as possible.

Three M. Zuikos zooms were used, the 9-18mm f4-5.6, the 12-50mm f3.5-6.3 and the 75-300mm f4.8-6.7. Like the E-P3 and 3 prime lens setup, a great feature of this zoom set is the E-M5 and all three lenses fit, easily, in the same Think Tank Retrospective 5 bag I used on the Paris trip. Small, light and easy.

I had not used it much before today, and the 9-18 M. Zuiko performed pretty much just like the review at DPReview said. The far, far corners, especially at 9mm, are a little soft but for such a tiny, tiny lens I'm more than happy with the results on the E-M5. I used it without the lens hood and it proved very flare-resistent. My walk was from around 10am to noon (very hot down there on all that asphalt) and the sun was often just above the image, with lots of high contrast between shadows and highlights, but the 9-18 handled it very well. I exposed for the highlights and did a lot of heavy shadow-lifting in Adobe Camera RAW. Here are a few images captured with the 9-18..

This is The W, where Lamar Kardashian lived while he "played" with the Mavericks this past season..

The Belo Mansion was built by A.H. Belo, who was an officer in the Confederate army during the Civil War. Before serving the purpose it does today, the building was used as a funeral home after it passed from the Belo family. One of the more infamous funerals that was held in the home was that of Clyde Barrow, of Bonnie & Clyde fame..

The 12-50 f3.5-6.3 performs very well with the E-M5..

A new high-rise going up in the Arts Districts, with the Meyerson Symphony Hall in the forground..

With the E-M5, the 75-300 M. Zuiko has truly become a very versatile lens, whether shooting at ISO 8000 at the baseball game the other night, or in daylight where it's obviously going to do very well at lower ISO settings. The IS system in the E-M5 really makes this an easy lens to use.

You can really see the atmospheric haze from all the heat in the background building in this first image..

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