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Greg Chappell Aug 21, 2011 12:14 PM

E-P3 Files in RAW Therapee
If you've never been a user of this program before and are coming from Adobe Camera RAW, the various adjustment windows and, especially, the values, are like trying learn a new language. I'm still not sure I completely understand how it all works best. Sharpening and noise reduction are especially really detailed, but there's one thing definitely better about RAW Therapee compared to Adobe Camera RAW.....right now it reads and processes E-P3 files. Actually, two things. It's a free download.

If you ever wanted to know how much actual distortion a micro four-thirds lens suffers from.....try RAW Therapee. Unlike programs such as ACR that use the distortion correction coded into each lens, RAW Therapee gives it to you "RAW". Fortunately, the distortion correction tools the program provides are just as outstanding. Correcting distortion is definitely the first thing you wanna do if you use this program with wide angle lenses.

Here are the first few images where I have used the latest RT Version 4 that is currently still under development. As I said, complete novice user here. There's lots that could be adjusted/tweeked to improve things, I am sure. If anyone here uses this program and could give some pointers, I would be very greatful. The detail it extracts looks pretty darn good. I'm just getting started and will be adding quite a few files over the next few days to the folder where these are. It will be interesting to compare when ACR finally gets updated and I can start using it with E-P3 files.

12mm f2 Zuiko..

Looking at this afterwards, I didn't get the distortion corrected quite as well as I would have liked in this first image, and will definitely re-straighten.

Just a tiny bit of flare you can see here that I did not clone out in Photoshop. I did not see a tool in RT to remove it.

the "R" version of the 14-42 kit lens that shipped with the E-P3, at 42mm..

Captured with the 40-150mm f4-5.6 Micro Zuiko and FL50R flash. The E-P3's built-in AF assist light actually works....extremely well. This is a very dark room and I've never been able to get the kit lenses to AF without turning all the lights on first to raise ambient light levels in the room. On the E-P3, it locked on in an instant and fired away.

You'd think these guys never had a meal. They don't even bother with me. They know who will give them a bite.

boBBrennan Aug 21, 2011 6:18 PM

Hi Greg,
...........I used RT on my Windows machines a few years ago but have not put in on either of my MACs since it was made open source and readied for MAC OS.

I have forever been a supporter of shareware & open source code, especially such as RAW Therapee; any of the good code sets, LINUX included.

I remember RT as a really good editor and at the time the author (Gabor Horvath) kept it updated with new camera RAW data introductions usually much sooner than the commercial programs releases and RT was a perfect 'stop gap' option. It happened when I bought my E-3 and RAW Therapee was what I used untill Bibble & PSE were updated.

Presently I use Bibble Pro v5 and it too does correction based on lens data of lenses in the program library; new lenses, wait for an update.

Thanks for the reminder, I'm putting RAW Therapee on my MACs.

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