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Default The E-PL1 and two 4/3rd's lenses

The 50mm f2 Zuiko and 9-18mm f4-5.6 Digital Zuiko, both via the MMF-2 Olympus adapter. Somewhat slow AF, but certainly more than good enough in outdoor light for these type subjects. I spent more time metering in some cases when I chose to spot meter.

It's definitely no slower using the 4/3rd' lenses than the thousands of manual-only lenses being adapted for these cameras that HAVE to be manually focused and, with no electrical contacts and that lose access to some in-camera features. Yes, the micro-specific lenses are smaller and the newer ones focus pretty darn fast, but I'm not using these bodies to shoot anything that requires fast focus. After considering possibly purchasing the 75-300 micro and micro version of the 9-18, I've decided to just keep on what I'm doing and treat myself to 1-2 other standard 4/3rd's lenses that expands photographic opportunities with BOTH systems, micro and regular 4/3rd's. In the case of the 50mm f2, right now there's not even anything in the micro line I'd consider equal, even the ultra-expensive 45mm f2.8 Panny/Leica.

The 50mm f2, shot wide open at f2.

9-18, Captured RAW and processed in Adobe Camera RAW, using the Photoshop PTLens plugin to correct what distortion there was.

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Good quality shots her, Greg. I'm impressed. The most amazing on is the last one, perspective wise. Scrolling this page up and down, keeping an eye on that last picture, just does it for me! Looking at the center-line and going up that vanishing-point is great!

Thanks for sharing.

Best regards,
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Hi Greg,

As Walter has already stated, these are wonderful shots.

And I have to agree with you, one of the benefits of owning a4/3 system is the adaptability of the 4/3 lenses to micro4/3. When I first got the E-PL1 I was thinking about the need to get additional micro lenses. After getting an adapter, I find using the 12-60mm SWD as well as the 40-150 or 70-300mm lenses just fine. I'm not really planning on getting any other micro lenses as I don't see the need.

My only wish was that I should have returned the 9-18mm micro lens to B&H Photo when I received it as it was sold as a 4/3 lens and that's what I thought I was getting. Turns out, that the lens is really quite sharp and a joy to use. But I'd rather have the flexibility of using the full sized 9-18 on both systems.


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These are great, that 50 f2 produces some excellent results. the 4/3 glass are excellent.
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these look nice. i really love #4 here.
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