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Greg Chappell Feb 5, 2012 1:27 AM

Enough Equipment Talk...
Oh, no, not pictures...:eek:!

Yes, pictures.

Went to the hockey game this evening. Parked in the building where I work because (1) it's close, and (2) it's free, so I took advantage and did a short photo walk on the way to the arena. E-P3, 12mm f2, 45mm f1.8 and 7.5mm Rokinon were the lenses used.

The Crescent Complex. The three buildings in the back are the office towers. The one I work in is on the right. The area up front is the hotel and shopping center. I hear this particular Stanley Korshak is popular with the Kardashian girls. OK, there, I said it. It won't come up again...

Side entrance into the shopping complex..

Front of the Rosewood building, just across the street from my office complex..

The Southwest jets buzz by just overhead all day. That's my building in the center, The Ritz on the right and the corner of the Rosewood Building on the left. that "Uptown" sign IS slanted into the ground. The lens did NOT do that!

Just across the street from the stadium, this reflection. The light and clouds were just right, and I did not have to look up since I was using the VF-2. Just swung the finder straight up, pointed the outfit up while looking straight ahead and into the finder, composed and shot.

Inside the arena, I used the 45 to snap the area where the television/radio (same guys do both) people sit.

I had no idea this was happening this evening, but Ed Belfour, the goalie for Dallas back in 1999 when they won the Stanley Cup, was being inducted into the team's Hall of Fame. Of course, my side of the arena was the back side of the ceremony..

Full resolution cropped section of the above image..

Outside the arena after the game..

After the game when I arrived home, I saw the moon with a halo around it and had to try something. This is a double exposure. Shot the first image focusing on the apartment building, then used the snap mode of the 12mm f2 to manually set infinity, set the exposure just for the moon the second shot, then combined them in Photoshop for this final image..

boBBrennan Feb 5, 2012 8:21 AM

....the 45 is just incredibly sharp isn't it? As for tilting the VF-2, the first time I tried that to shoot straight up through a tree I became totally disoriented, it wasn't easy, since then a couple times the tilt has worked out ok for me.

Too bad you were on the backside of the ceremony, I saw Eddie on the news. I am wondering what the next arena name will be, Frito's or Lay's or maybe 7-11... nothing sounds good but for AAC.

At least you got out in the nice weather, I did not, I hope next weekend is nice in the midwest.

Oh forgot, the last merged image is pretty neat. That is editing I've never attempted.

Greg Chappell Feb 5, 2012 9:02 AM

I'm not sure if American Airlines paid all their money up front in the naming rights, and can't remember for how many years they did it. I've not seen anything in the news about them getting out of payments or any eminent changes to the arenas' name, but you know it coming down the pike.

Same thing with the arena in Miami.

Yes, looking up like that is kind-of like shooting for the first time with a Rolleiflex using just the waist level finder where everything it turned around.

BTW, just as a reference point, that image of Ed Belfour originally shot with the 45mm? The crop below would have been the field of view had I used the 75mm f1.8 that's about to be introduced. Get the 75mm lens too, or just live with a 40% crop of the 45 if you need to get that much closer? Of course, you could crop a 75mm image 40% and really start getting in close, and with a lot more of the original frame left.

Take a look at the rumors site now. There's a "family" image of the E-M5 with all the lenses, including the new 60/2.8 macro and 75mm f1.8. The 75/1.8 is just behind the 12mm f2 and 45/1.8 so it's easy to compare just the physical size. Quite a difference in bulk going from 45mm to 75mm, and if it is of metal construction like I have read, it most likely won't be a light weight. If the construction is similar to the 12mm f2, it won't be inexpensive, either.

boBBrennan Feb 5, 2012 2:07 PM

I saw that display, quite impressive for sure. Also, notice the EM-5 without the grip, the grip is much more than I thought and the EM-5 is nearly the same size as the EP-3. So, will the grip fit the P3 too I wonder and it seems the EM-5 has no built-in flash.

Ok, I have the grip figured out now.... The vertical piece is separate and is bolted via the 'extra' lock ala the old Leica grip for range-finder. The bottom, battery & card holder, piece then locks onto the bottom of the vertical base..... Sounds like too many pieces and if my thought proves correct that mess will be really ugly. But, I still think maybe one or all may be usable on a P3.

I'm done thinking about it and now am waiting the 3-days until it is made perfectly clear. Whew, I'm beginning to act like some in that other forum and don't want that so I'm going to watch super bowl commercials for a while.

James Emory Feb 6, 2012 9:00 AM

You didn't lose much resolution in that photo you cropped....nice lens.

Greg Chappell Feb 6, 2012 11:26 AM

Yes, it's a pretty amazing combination of miniscule size and optical performance.

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