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Default epl1 and dslr

I was just wondering... those of you who have the epl1 and really really like it, do you find you use your bigger dslr less? Or do you still use it quite a bit?
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For me, the E-PL1 is a great camera to take along with you when you're going out with friends to the city, for an evening party or as I did just recently, took it to a Christmas lights festival in my home town.

It is a great camera that takes wonderful photographs and the auto mode is so good that it's the camera that I take when I don't want to fuss with the settings.

But, I still use my full E-30 as much as ever. I have lenses for it that allow me to do things that I can't currently with the E-PL1. I.E. shoot birds, shoot my grandson playing LaCrosse, Football, Basketball.

I like to shoot landscapes, seascapes and process them using HDR at times. The E-30 allows me to shoot the same frame at 5 different exposure levels.
The degree in which I can customize my E-30 is staggering as compared to the E-PL1.

So, I guess to answer your question, I probably shoot more now as a result of having the E-PL1 than I did when I only had the E-30.


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Mirroring Zigs comments, the E-PL1 is a fantastic camera, but just has too many shortcomings for subjects I like to shoot. The finder system does not refresh fast enough for tracking during multiple image shooting, the AF system with micro lenses is not senstive enough to work well shooting indoors, with or without flash, since there's no AF assist light. It often, frustrtaingly, just racks in and out refusing to focus indoors in normal to low house lighting while the DSLR's snap lenses into focus in light levels close to complete darkness with the AF assist lights on the flash units.

I recently had a chance to buy significantly more into the micro system (9-18, possibly even the 75-300), but chose instead to pay full sticker on a new E5. Regular 4/3rd's is simply still a much better system. Too many holes in the micro system and Olympus is working at the speed of watching fossils turn to oil in addressing them.
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Yes, went to SE Asia for 34 days, left the dslr at home. Picked up a 60D and that got left in the hotel safe most of the trip. It makes for a lighter travel companion.
Super Frequent Flyer, no joke. Ex Patriot and loving it.
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