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KulaCube Mar 22, 2013 10:40 AM

EXIF terms and questions
1/ Gain Control
reports as either "off" or "low gain up" while looking at a series of bracketed images. Is this the Noise control?
2/ CFA pattern
reports as 2 x 2R G G B -- continuous focus?
3/ Image data arranger
reports as (my favourite) "chunky format"

I was looking at a number shots saved as RAW through the mac's preview app that has a good exif display. (Pity mac does not have the same amount of info with iPhoto). This is where I first noticed the Gain Control. I then opened Oly Viewer 2 to look at the official exif and found puzzlers 2 and 3.

The manual has nothing to say about these and the FAQ on the web declines to illuminate the subjects. Looked first at the E-PL1, then the E-PL5, then on to the E-M5 FAQs. Idle curiosity rather than a real need to know...

SammyKhalifa Mar 22, 2013 10:55 AM

Number 2 sounds like the arrangement of the colors in the pixels (2 green 1 red 1 blue).

If that's what you mean?

EDIT, not "pixels" I guess.

KulaCube Mar 22, 2013 6:06 PM

Thanks Sam.

CFA appears to be as you indicated, for describing the arrangement of the photo sites in the image sensor. And that leads to puzzler 3, Chunky Format.

Chunky format describes how the data from the sensor is then stored. All of the information necessary for displaying one pixel is in a single contiguous "chunk". The RBG image data is stored as RBGRBGRBG. Chunky format came about with more powerful cpu's. The older powerhouses of yesteryear had to store images in a Planar format where the components are stored in separate component planes. For example, RGB data is stored with the Red components in one component plane, the Green in another, and the Blue in another. Oooooh.

Now to figure out Gain Control.

This is what happens when waiting for clients to get back to you...

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