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Default Fellow E-M5 shooters....a nice profile to try...

If you shoot raw and process your files in ACR via Photoshop CS6 or Lightroom 4, I loaded this profile to ACR last night and gave it a try..


This guy did a great profile for the E5 DSLR a couple of years ago so I had to give this one a spin figuring it'd be pretty darn good, and it is.

Last night on my way home I went to a local favorite place to shoot where there's always a good selection of late afternoon/early evening high-contrast scenes that can really test dynamic range, captured a few images and processed them using the above profile.

I used the above parameters as a starting point. In some cases I wound up turning the exposure compensation up from the initial negative value and/or made other changes to taste. A profile like this provides a great starting point, but is not necessarily something you just apply and not tweek.

The resulting files were a lot of fun to process and shows how much you really can pull up shadow detail from the E-M5 raw files. If I were to do with E-P3 files what I did to some of these, the shadows would have been so blocked up with noise it wouldn't have been worth doing, and with these, all shots at ISO 200, I added ZERO noise filtering....amazing. I did leave the color noise filter on the default 25 setting.

With the 9-18 M. Zuiko, which really has a lot of chromatic abberations. Purple, green, blue. You name it, this lens shows it, especially at the widest end. the profile has the CA removal box checked, but I had to use the sliders to make additional corrections and still do not know that I got it all.

The 25mm f1.4..

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show off! .....I can imagine what my P3 files would look like in that light environ; not pretty like these.

I just noticed, this is post # 2100 for me and it only took 7-years or .8 comments per day.
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I loaded the profile and I will try to play with them. As you mentionned, I find some shots to be a bit on the dark side ...

And since I just got LR 4.1, I will have a lot to learn ...
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Yes, any parameter is definitely only a starting point. I've raised the exposure compensation on several, while on others increased or eliminated adjustments, such as saturation, which really does not work well for certain skin tones, and some files just don't work with this parameter set so I'll go with what I have been using prior.
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