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Default A Few More Images From This Past Week

After scanning through a few more files today here are some more of my favorite images from this past week.

Watching the whale watchers coming in from Zig's boat, with the 7.5mm Rokinon..

The Old Number 6. This was the first of two images where I utilized this buoy, both using the 45mm f1.8..

And here's the second. I think I'll call this one "Red, White and Blue"..

Grist Mill, again, with the 45/1.8..

A dune, captured with the 7.5mm Rokinon..

Out To Sea.... with the 45/1.8..

Waves of grass. Again, with the 45/1.8..

On the beach in Chatham, with the 7.5mm Rokinon..

From the marsh out to sea, with the 12mm f2..

I posted this one earlier, then went back in Adobe Camera RAW and brightened the foreground area using the local adjustment brush..

And last, one of the closeups I captured using Zig's 35mm f3.5 Macro Zuiko..

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Sweet stuff, Greg!
-- Bob.
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....doesn't look much like north central Texas, nor anything like the left coast, I think I would like Cape Cod very much.
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Great shots! you've managed to do a nice job capturing the cape vibe.

The fisheye shots are especially nice, are you doing post processing to correct the horizon?
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Isn't that cool how straight the horizons come out? Nope, that's how they look as-shot. If you level the camera when shooting with this lens both vertically and horizontally (I use the in-camera digital level to do it) the horizon comes out straight as an arrow. If there are objects up close, they will be distorted to some extent, depending on where they are in the scene.
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As always, a great series of images.

What I find fun and fascinating, is that you and I were together for probably 80% of those images. Yet, I don't think we have two similar images.

You got out of Dodge at the right time, yesterday we had downpours that you read about, Tornado warnings, and crazy winds. LeeAnne was supposed to fly out yesterday at 4pm and as of 9pm last night her flight was still on the ground.


So you want to be a better photographer? Open your eyes and take a look at what is all around you.
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Yikes, what a nightmare of a travel day that must have been. Everything worked perfectly for me on Wednesday, even driving back into Boston. GPS is a wonderful thing .

Katherine's Sony RX100 arrived yesterday. Last night I had a chance to play with it and help her set up the various options. Impressive to say the least. Sony's implementation of the one fn button is ingenious. You can program it to enable up to 7 different options, including ISO to bracketing, Dynamic Range Optimization, etc, etc. I like having at least one or two fn buttons customized for one specific purpose, but having one call up mulitple options is much faster than having to go menu-diving like you have to with the E-M5 if one wants to bracket a series of images as one example.

As soon as I got home, I had to pull out my 50mm f2 Macro Zuiko and play around with it some. I guess I need to make more use of that lens, especially when I get my E-M5 back. Seems about the same autofocus speed as the 35/3.5. I took it to the arboretum early Friday morning when the crowds were much less and the temps were not yet too bad. Bad enough though, especially compared to shooting in Cape Cad .

f4 is about the best compromise in terms of getting close and retaining a minimal amount of depth of field, so it does not really matter too much whether you're using the 35mm f3.5 of the 50mm f2. Up close and stopped down one stop at f2.8, depth of field is wafer thin..


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Great shots. The Cape is so scenic and I would love to visit there one of these days. Zigs boat looks crispy clean and is that Zig's home second from last picture? Oh, why is the fencing around the dunes Zig?
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