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Ramcewan, sorry to take so long to reply but I haven't checked the forum 'til today.

That's essentially what I described in "method one-and-a-half ." HDR is usually accomplished by shooting multiple images at different exposure settings then combining those images in your software of choice. Once combined (stacked in layers) you then edit out the poorly-exposed parts of each image -- or the parts you don't want to use -- and save the final result as a single image.

You can use the IMAGE OVERLAY function of your E-PL2 (along with your Olympus Viewer software) to help with this, but you will be relying on the camera and software to produce the results it wants, which may not necessarily be the results you want .

I've never been thrilled with the results my E-PL2 + Olympus software have decided upon, but YMMV. IMO, to get really good results you still need to edit and adjust in post-processing.

It's not an easy skill to learn and can consume a lot of time. There is some software that claims to make the job easier, but I haven't yet seen any impressive results created by automatic software settings. Pleasing results usually require multiple tweaks and adjustments by a real person, not the software's default choices.

IMO, the simplest and most reliable method is a graduated neutral density filter. But if you have the time and patience to play around, then go for it. There's no better way to learn than experimentation.
-- Bob.
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