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Smile ....the Great Blue Heron does spear fish and

here's proof.

This GBH was busy hunting lunch when I saw it today. I followed it around a city park pond for a bit when it suddenly stopped, did the stalk and lunged lightening quick into the water..... and speared the catfish. Then it was snap some shots as the heron worked at swallowing it.

Some park walkers came by and the heron flew across the pond with the fish. I watched across the way and could see it 'wetting' the fish and working it when all at once the neck straightened and the head went up.... down the gullet and lunch was had.

These were made with the E-P3 and Zuiko FT 70-300

......a couple shots of the first sunflower I've seen this year, a fun day to be out with the camera.

boBBrennan .. FB=> http://tinyurl.com/dxlwxfz

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Great capture on the GBH, BoBB
No.3 is VERY nice

The FT 70-300 is a Very good lens. Isn't it ?
Telephoto and Macro shooting without changing the lens. Brilliant
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I have heard that herons would spear larger fish, but always found it a little hard to believe. Thanks for the evidence. I'll have to keep a closer eye on my koi.
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Goodness! That was a mouthful. Great captures.
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A wonder that bird could fly after eating that catfish!!

So you want to be a better photographer? Open your eyes and take a look at what is all around you.
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Amazing shots. You could not get that close to the herons around here, very spooky. We have a very large pond about two miles from my house that the herons frequent. As soon as you pull the car over and stop, they are gone. One would need to build a blind and get there early in the morning and with a long lens. I'm guessing even the glare from the lens would spook them.

>D B Cooper. I know a guy who has a Koi pond and when he first set it up, he bought about 400 bucks worth of Koi. Within a week they were all gone. He got up early one morning and saw a heron in his pond and you know the rest of the story.
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Excellent shots Bob. That camera/lens combo has really been working well for you. The focus, contrast, and color are spot-on for all your shots.

Yep, I have GBH in my backyard regularly, and I can attest that they spear their fish. I have some photos of them with the speared fish.

(I normally have two nests of Great Blue Herons in the tall pine trees behind my pond. They come back every year. It is also weird to hear the guys talk about how far away they stay. Down here, they are not that skittish. In fact, this morning as I was in my backyard flower garden, a GBH came walking by on the grass as he was scoping out the pond looking for fish. I had time to go in the house and get the camera and grab a few shots before he left. )
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I guess you could say that bird got right to the point of the matter!
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