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Default Has anyone had Olympus Servicing done?

My E-M10 has not been behaving itself lately. :/

After using a while, the screen will go black and not respond to input. Then when you turn it off and then back on, it'll act like it's trying to boot but not quite getting there.

It's a very intermittent issue (so far) so I don't know if it will be worthwhile to try to get Oly to diagnose. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience.
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Is it still under warranty? I would go to the Olympus America site and the service and repair...


I did this with my E-M1 a couple of years ago when it was out of the warranty period. They quoted a standard charge to service the camera, which I prepaid and sent a receipt in with the camera. Had it back 2-3 weeks later, all fixed.
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Thanks for sharing that experience. Sounds like it went well for you.

I need to check, but I'm like 99% sure it's not. I've been researching a bit, though, and I've found the place that does their warranty work. You can submit a request and they'll offer a quote (seems to normally be about $150) where they'll fix the issue--and basically check everything else, clean the sensor, etc.


I think it's the same place it goes when you send to olympus.

Of course, the issue for me is that it's an intermittent problem. They could check it when it's behaving properly and not find anything for all I know. And of course there's the matter whether it's worth fixing an older camera vs. getting one that doesn't have the mileage on it.

Still hoping it's just a battery or card issue. Still need to do some troubleshooting.
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