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Default iAuto mode do you use it?

In a thread in the landscapes section I recently somewhat sheepishly admitted that I used iAuto mode for many of the shots, in fact I use iAuto mode fairly often when I am not shooting with a long tele where shutter is called for.


Being able to have the camera make the decisions for you sounds uninvolved but in my case being new to the camera it allowed me to be more involved in the aspects a camera can't decide for you, namely composition and solidly supporting the camera. That's not to say I didnt shoot many shots in aperture priority mode or even manual mode but I found many of my favorites came from the iAuto mode. I realize that the folks at Olympus have probably put more camera knowledge into the programming of the mode than I will ever learn and for the most part it works very well except for those rare times where the camera can't figure out what you are trying to do.
So do you use iAuto sometimes, often, rarely or never?
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A, S, or M.

NEVER P, iAuto, or Scene modes (with the exception of the 3D lens which (unforunately) HAS to be in the 3D scene mode).
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I tried iAuto often when I first began with the E-PL2. It completely surprised me because it (mostly) does a pretty good job. So now I use it occasionally on E-PL2, E-PM1 and OM-D, but only when I don't want to bother with full control. It continues to surprise because (most of the time) it delivers very decent results.
-- Bob.
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My E-P2 is ALWAYS set to manual. That's not to say that you can't get the results YOU want from using I-mode as you have aptly shown.

For my purposes, which is primarily shooting flowers using the E-P2+35mm macro lens, manual mode gives me total control over all aspects of the image.


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Originally Posted by ramcewan View Post
So do you use iAuto sometimes, often, rarely or never?

Manual exposure pretty much all the time. About the only exception is, I often shift into shutter speed priority with the 75-300 M. Zuiko.

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....never have, probably won't, I mostly leave my P3 set to 'M' & only shoot RAW.
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Tried it but I am finding more and more that the colors from "iEnhance" are a bit too over-the-top for me many times. My normal "mode" is Aperture--Manual is still too much for me to think about at one time.
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Don't use it too often. Mostly shutter or aperture priority
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A good shot is a good shot, it doesn't matter what mode you use.
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I almost always take one shot in Iauto mode to go along with the other shots I am trying out on the same subject. i think it makes sense to have a reference point to see what the camera wants to do on its own. Who knows, I might learn something from it.
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