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Default Japanese Maple Day...

I cannot decide which I'd rather use, the 12-50 or 14-150 M. Zuikos, so today I used them interchangeably and by the end of the day.....I still couldn't decide...


This was some challenging light, but I always have liked this scene and the girl having her portrait taken was a no-brainer to capture..

Enter the 14-150mm..

Wondered down to Clyde Warren Park near downtown where it was nice having both 12mm..

and 150mm..

Obviously the 12-50 matches up really well with the 75-300, tossing in the 60mm f2.8 Macro in between, where the 14-150mm works really well with the 9-18 as a super lightweight, super-easy to carry two lens outfit.

Which one do I prefer or like better? I couldn't even start to say. In the rain or blowing sand the 12-50 is an obvious choice. Otherwise, it's a crap shoot. All of 'em fit easily into the Think Tank City Walker 10 bag.

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If you would like another vote then count mine................

It surely was a perfect day for doing the test, what great scenery and beautiful images.

I am happy you chose to examine both lenses on the same outing; for these I've decided that lens gives the better result too.
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Beautiful shots Greg, I especially like the detail and angles in the building shots.
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I look at the tree bark when judging sharpness -- the leaves often are ever so slightly in motion and can be highly reflective, hence the tree bark. And after looking long and hard at these it is almost impossible to see a difference, but maybe the 14-140 has a slight edge... or you just shot nicer bark with it. Got any shag bark hickory in your part of the world?
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I had to google shag bark hickory and see what it looked like. Never noticed it anywhere around here. Regarding the leaves, yep, the wind was definitely blowing around here Saturday, at times worse than others. I tried keeping shutter speeds on the higher end and waited for lulls in the gusts to minimize the effect.

The 14-150 certains seems plenty sharp across the range. I wouldn't have a problem at all walking around with it and the 9-18 in a pocket if I wanted to do away with a bag. When I go to White Sands with the photo club at the end of May I can see myself using the 12-50 on the dunes a lot if the wind is especially bad with lots of sand in the air. I also plan to do a lot of trail-walking in the Lincoln National Forest in the mountains around the ski resort of Cloudcroft which is just east of Alamogordo and will probably use the 14-150 and 9-18 on those trails. I picked up a photo vest to eliminate the need for a bag, which last time accumulated a lot of sand in the nooks and crannies.
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The Japanese Maples are so beautiful and my favorite kind of trees, love the #7 picture of the orange maple.

#2, 4 and 7 are the best of the set.

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