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Default "Kudos" to Olympus Tech Support!

Olympus stock went up about 50% in my mind yesterday afternoon.
I called their tech support with a question about my E-PL2, and the guy just kept going on and on, and explaining things to me, and I'd throw out another question- and he'd go on and on about that... spent at least an hour on the phone with him. He was so knowledgeable and willing to explain things. I wish I could have stayed on the phone another hour with him, but it was time to leave work and go home.
This is tech support at its best!
(Well, at least as far as answering questions/helping an owner understand their product!)
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It is nice to know tech support is passionate about helping the customer. Well at least the one you had talked to.
Nice you can do this at work. I would have been let go for being on a phone for that long. Being that I have been with my company for 21 years I don't think I would have even thought to do a call like that.
I am sure you have that kind of latitude where you work and wouldn't have done it if you hadn't.
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Hmmm.... I posted this as a compliment to Olympus Tech Support, not as a comment as to what I can get away with at work- or someone else can't.
I've had my job as an Electronics Technician on critical installed systems for 25 years- after 20 years in the Navy as a Technician. It is not a production line- we don't have to produce "X" number of widgets every hour. We have scheduled maintenance on our systems to accomplish, training to do of new personnel, and when that's done- our time is pretty much our own within reason. When the gear breaks- that's when we earn our pay- and go to work until the problem is resolved. In part, I am paid for what I'm capable of doing when the chips are down, no pun intended; I get paid for what I know, not necessarily what I do.
Whether the gear is up or down, I produce what they pay me for.
I feel your comment was out of place.

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