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Default Latest DXO Upgrade to Version 10.0

A while back I posted this after upgrading my DXO program to version 9..


Now we're on to version 10, which I upgraded to Friday night, the Elite version, which is what you have to have in order to get access to E-M1 profiles.

This is the best version of DXO yet. Relatively speaking, it's definitely the fastest version. It opened and profiled a huge folder of over 2400 E-M1 raw files and was ready for me to start working in less than a couple of minutes, and processing is much faster, close to as fast as ACR processes a raw file. Huge improvement. Operational speed in my opinion is no longer a reason to avoid DXO, which I've pretty much done since I was last trying version 9.

Same advantages to the results applies as the DXO profiles produce great-looking colors (ACR definitely produces cooler results, even pumping the colors a little with the vibrance slider) and wider FOV results at the widest focal length of whatever lens you are using than the Olympus or Adobe-created Olympus profiles as DXO seems to be using pretty all all available pixels vs. the obvious cropping going on of the standard micro four-thirds system processing.

Does that means the 12mm setting of a 12-40mm f2.8 M. Zuiko using standard Olympus or Adobe processing is more like 13mm rather than 12mm, or does it mean 12mm using DXO is actually something more like 11mm? I have no idea, but I do like wider better.

The new ClearView slider in DXO is a nice addition to the program. Seems to work a lot like the Clarity slider in Adobe camera raw in giving the image added punch. Just an observation as someone who has used both programs and sliders. No doubt they work differently in some way, but the results seem similar.

I also seem to be able to control highlights better with this version 10. I still wish they had tools for local adjustments and other options like the gradient filters I use in Adobe camera raw, but to be honest the colors, much improved all-around program speed and wider FOV coverage DXO processing offers at the widest focal length of any lens you use is a pretty compelling argument.

I've gone back to several raw files and processed them in DXO 10. They are located here..


Just to give you an idea of the extra FOV you get, here's an image captured at 7mm with the Panasonic 7-14mm f4.

First, the DXO version..

Then, processed in Adobe camera raw..

Colors difference using a standard process I use in both programs with no attempt to try and match anything..


and DXO..

and another, first DXO this time..

and Adobe camera raw..

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Seeing is believing. Do you own the entire Elite Suite or just the Elite version of DXO OpticsPro? There is a sale until November 25th so this may be the time.

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I do not have the film pack piece. I've owned Viewpoint as a Photoshop plugin for a while now. Nice program.

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