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Default lens for epl1

Got a chance to play with my new epl1 today, was rainy yesterday. Really like it so far, can't wait until my vf2 gets here though. What are the best lens, I mean lens that are specifically made for these cameras? I know yall have said the panasonic 45-200, but is there one that is about the size of the kit lens but faster? Also, will I have to have some sort of adapter for the 45 -200 to fit? Thanks
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Any lens manufactured for micro fourthirds cameras can be used in the E-PL1 without the need for an adapter. The 45-200mm is a micro fourthirds lens.

In addition to the Panasonic 45-200mm- which is a fine lens, Olympus makes a 40-150mm lens which comparably priced. The 40-150mm lens is a faster focusing lens than the 14-42 kit lens and is very sharp.

Both are good lenses. As for which lens is the better choice, if you want the additional focal range that the 45-200mm offers, I would get that.


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The m4/3 version of the 40-150mm is pretty small (slightly longer than the 14-42 but shorter than the 45-200). It has very good optics from what I've seen.

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pretty good list here on the 4/3rds site. I suppose (hope) that they'll keep this updated with new lenses as they're released. I was looking for a WA (20mm eqil.) prime but it seems there isn't on. That said Zig's pictures with the WA zoom make it look like I can easily manage with that!
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