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Default Looking for the Devil's Cigar aka Texas Star

.....close but no cigar!

I went hunting for one of the rarest of all fungi, the Devil's Cigar. It is found in the U.S.A. only in central Texas (that us, here in the DFW metroplex). ===> http://tinyurl.com/7smtz8k

One of the volunteer parks photographers found a cluster last weekend, her photos are ===>http://tinyurl.com/7hye2ud AND ===> http://tinyurl.com/84d2zdq

I did not find any cigars but did have a great walk through the bush with my favorite lens on the E-P3.

Shot RAW and converted with Corel AfterShot Pro. Last week BibbleLabs announced that Corel had purchased BibbleLabs early 2011 and with the announcement released newly branded software built around Bibble Pro 5. The processor is now known as AfterShot Pro by Corel. This new release recognizes the Olympus PEN series of cameras but not all m43 lenses for auto/manual distortion application. It did recognize the 70-300 on the P3, this was the first that I've used the ASPro upgrade though I've used Bibble Pro the past 5-years.

E-P3 ZD 70-300 @ 169mm AP f/6.3 1/125sec ISO200

E-P3 ZD 70-300 @ 141mm AP f/6.3 1/200sec ISO200

E-P3 ZD 70-300 @ 70mm AP f/7.1 1/60sec ISO500

E-P3 ZD 70-300 @ 86mm AP f/6.3 1/50sec ISO1600


This photo resulted as is when two turtles (Red Ear Sliders) 'slid' off the log and the water rippled to give this stirred paint affect. The pond water is clear, it was still with gold toned reflection. I was lucky to be there at that time.
E-P3 ZD 70-300 @ 300mm AP f/6.3 1/400sec ISO200
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Nice shots. This is one lens I regret having sold when I got rid of my Oly equipment a few years ago. Big mistake!

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Nice shots Bob.
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Thumbs up

Good ones Bob, well done. All are good, but I am partial to turtle shots.

(I have dozens of them. LOL)
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Wow.....don't think I've ever seen anything like that. Guess I'll have to read up on it. If it requires damp areas to survive....and I assume it does, it's having a hard time these days around here!

Maybe out in East Texas around Caddo Lake or somewhere like that. Still regret not making that photo club trip.

Beautiful day to be out, and you made the most of it.
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