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Default Looking to purchase a PEN camera, some questions; newbie

I read that there is no accessory port on the ep-1 what does this mean exactly? I read that the EPL-1 high ISO can go up to 1250 and EP-1 only up to 800 for good photos? I own a GH1 which I love but for video only so I want to get another M43 for photos and have been reading many posts about how the Oly PEN camera's have a superb JPEG system so now I want to get one. I also want the 17mm F2.8 lens and found a deal on E-P1 with this lens for $380. If the E-P1 isn't so good compared to the other PEN's, I want to find a similar deal with the 17mm lens if possible.
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The accessory port allows you to use the electronic finders, the VF-2 and VF-3. Not having the port means you cannot use those eyelevel electronic finders with the E-P1. There are a couple of other accessories that require the port, like the PenPal, which utilizes bluetooth technology to send images to your smart phone for immediate web posting and such. The E-P1 is the only Pen that does not have the port so will not be able to support any accessory that requires being plugged in to the port. If not being able to use the eyelevel electronic finders or the other accessories that require the port is no problem for you, the deal you have found may be just the ticket.

As to how high an ISO you can go to and still obtain "good photos" with the E-P1, that's all in the eye of the user. For some, the image quality at ISO 1600 with the E-P1 may be just fine, while someone else will not go beyond ISO 400. That's a subject that is very subjective and hard for someone else to qualtify for you specifically.

The E-P1 has been discontinued long enough now that dealers with inventory left are going to be trying to clear it out, hence the better deals on the E-P1 than you could ever find right now on any current model, such as the E-P3, E-PL3 or E-PM1. The same thing is going on with inventory that's left for the E-P2 and E-PL2, models recently discontinued, so it might be worth checking out any such deals on those two as well. They both have the port and would thus be able to use any Pen accessory.
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The ep1 and ep2 for some gets really noise after 800iso. With the epl-1 and later camera, olympus improve their AA filter on the sensor which allow it to have the noise level of ep1 at 800is at 1250iso instead.
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