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boBBrennan Nov 8, 2013 11:32 PM

....the M1 & 50-200 goes to the lake
While I was at the SWNP this morning one of the FF captains asked me to come to the lake; that they were going to put the boats in the water for a checkout this afternoon so I strapped on the 50-200 to the M1; WOW! That combination is unbelievable.

The balance is good, the AF is every bit as good as on my E-3 and it handles even better due to the difference in camera size & weight. The M1 grip is outstanding for comfort and fit. After a few minutes I never again thought about gripping the camera, I have large hands and the M1/grip feels so good that I don't think about it .. PERIOD.

This is the look........

The lens is a non SWD as Greg had said but I don't haul it around in the TT Retro 5 bag, it doesn't fit. It will fit in my TT Retro 7 bag but I usually have the 70-300 along and the two of them in the Retro 7 is too much. So the lens and some other bulky stuff is hauled in a large Tenba and I decide on site how to best handle it... Usually I use the 50-200 for specific outings and it is mounted to the camera the whole time.

These were all done with the M1/50-200 and the lens now will again get field time for sure.

Because Aftershot Pro has not been updated for M1 ORF files these were shot as JPG then PP in ASPro for straightening, cropping and slight sharpening, didn't need much.

chiPersei Nov 9, 2013 12:01 PM

I cannot believe how sharp those pictures are! And the color pops. Sheesh- I may has to add a 50-200 to my arsenal.

chiPersei Nov 9, 2013 1:02 PM

To be more specific. The subtle gradations in the browns, greens and yellows of the trees in #5 (image 0185) combined with the sharpness at that distance just stops me. The detail in the mallard couple is better than my eyes alone. And being able to discern individual teeth of men in image 0199 (again at some distance) is remarkable.

When I got my M1 I felt it made me a better photographer. Looking at your images reminds me I'll always have something to learn. Nice job.

James Emory Nov 9, 2013 1:20 PM

Obviously the M1 is not too small for your large hands. It sure is a fine looking camera especially with the grip mounted. As for the images, what can I say, incredibly sharp and great color.

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