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Default Newest OM-D owner!

After a few months of deliberating, and of badly wanting to get a Fuji XS-1 ever since it was first announced- for many reasons- I ordered an OM-D today. Why??
Simply because Fuji couldn't get their act together with the XS-1. Had known sensor issues before it ever shipped, yet they shipped them out with the problem sensors. Had lens droop issues from the start, and continued shipping them out. Lens bloom issues reared their heads, Fuji is silent about this- and pretty much all the rest of the problems/issues.
While they have replaced a great many cameras in the X-10 model (I have one of the replacements)- still, as of this date, I can't be sure I'll get an XS-1 with all the fixes.
Olympus OM-D has no known issues that I know of- other than their complex menu structure!!
I really wanted the XS-1 for many reasons... but I ordered the OM-D. I know I'll be getting a quality camera- with better image quality than the Fuji.
Wish you'd take note, Fuji....
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The XS-1 is definitely loaded with a ton of specs for sure, but in the end it is still a bridge camera with a small sensor that should be significantly inferior to the E-M5. Of course, having to come up with the lenses for the E-M5 to equal the 24-632mm zoom range does cost a few more $$$.

I've looked at Fuji superzooms in the past and was often intrigued and was even looking hard at the 600FD model back in 2007 before settling on the Panasonic FZ50 I wound up using for a couple of years. The finder resolution on the Fujis were often lacking compared to the competition and there were just too many quirks about them compared to similar model options from the competition.

They seem to have great ideas, but often less than ideal implementation with the bridge cameras. At the higher product level things are looking pretty darn good for them right now though.
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Well, the camera is coming with the 12-50mm zoom, and I have the Panny 100-300 M4/3 lens to cover the long end... so I'm not in too bad of shape. I have that as I also own the EP-L2, which I will probably put up for sale to cover the 40mm prime.
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