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Default Olympus Announces E-P2

Olympus has just released the E-P2 Digital PEN camera.

We just posted our hands-on E-P2 First Look, so be sure to check it out for more info on this new PEN model.

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Default One Cool Machine

I don't know whether this thing can take pictures or not. I've been busy playing hospital-roulette and haven't been able to test it out. That said, I've had more cameras than I can remember in my 68 years of buying and selling cameras and lenses and, just playing with my new E-P2 and learning the controls, tells me this is the "coolest" piece of gear I've ever had in my hands. I bought it for a China trip (assuming we don't have to cancel) where size and weight are everything. Actually, I have pared down to travel gear in general, and I am really enjoying the benefit. Unfortunately, the flash and 17mm, will have to wait. Since I have no illusions about becoming a great photographer, it doesn't really matter that this little baby (or even my S90 or G11 for that matter) probably isn't going to have the finest images attainable. I'm in love.
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don't discount its image quality. i have the epl-1 with the same sensor, and it gives very little to my canon 50d. (raw image quality talking here, not talking about depth of field, in which the greater dof in the m4/3 can be a plus or minus depending on your needs)
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Old May 10, 2010, 3:00 PM   #4
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this looks very interesting to me. i have the pana g1 and love it, wonder how this measures up....
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Old May 10, 2010, 4:05 PM   #5
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hey Donna,

Take a look at the EPL1 as well. That is the m4/3 that I have been using, you can see some examples on my flickr stream. which i am sure you have

It has a slightly lighter AA filter, so it does a little bit better than the EP2 image quality wise. But it does lose some of the control wheels.

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I bought the ePL-1 with the idea that I could purchase it as the prices dropped and get a jumpstart on collecting lenses. (I own the 75-300, 20mm, 14-42, and 45-200mm). I am lacking on the wide end...right now my kit lens is IT! Anyway, the idea was that I could start shooting and collecting and then sell the body when a newer/better one comes out. I will lose some $$,but I expect that. Hopefully, the companies will sell new bodies without a kit lens...or I can sell the lens if it's redundant.

I have been very pleasantly surprised by the image quality out of the ePL-1 and am in no hurry to replace it. I guess I'd be happier with better low light behavior and better focusing ability. I have a five year old granddaughter and I'm not sure it's wonderful with constantly in motion subjects either!
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I think the 9-18 will come down in price once again, as the holidays get closer. it would make for a good wide angle.
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