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Default Olympus Battery Life?????

I've taken my E-PL1 on a few excursions lately instead of a DSLR and I really like the small size and reduced weight but the battery life SUCKS! Yesterday was the first really extended outing away from my home or vehicle and after about 50 shots the camera died! It's a refurb and the factory Olympus BLS1 battery that came with it was bad from the get go...wouldn't take a charge at all and the charger indicated a faulty battery. Cameta said they'd replace it but but I don't want to go through the hassle of shipping it back. Luckily I ordered an extra aftermarket battery with the camera but like I said it only lasted about 50 shots. Is that really all I can expect from these batteries. I also have (but have yet to try) a couple Wasabi batteries and charger. I think I like the whole m4/3 concept but if I'm going to have to pull a wagon full of batteries with me I may have to rethink this.
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Or at least rethink the way you use the camera...things like turning it off when you can, seeting a short time before going to sleep, turning off the display when you're not using it, etc.
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50 shots are way too few for one battery charge on a BLS-1. I get way more than that, and that's using the VF-2 EVF that'll suck even more juice.

I've never really made an attempt to determine how many shots I get on one charge, but you do have to keep in mind, there's no optical finder here. These cameras use way more battery power than a DSLR because you need it to do everything, even just viewing the subject, and the more you dive into menu's, review shots, etc., the more battery power you use.

When I go out with my E-P3 I carry four fully charged BLS-1's, and typically go through one on an all-day outing. In Paris I was going through one a day, and those were FULL DAY outings. 225-250 would be my guess as to about how many shots I typically get per charge, again, using the accessory VF-2 eyelevel electronic finder.
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I would highly recommend giving a try to the wasabi batteries. I have a pair of them and I find that a fully charged one will last almost a full day of shooting on vacation. A charged battery should give you 200+ or more shots easily, one day on my grand canyon trip I shot 945 pictures on 2 batteries and the second one wasn't fully expired yet. I would give them a shot and send the Olympus one in for replacement as it should be giving you the same performance.

All that said there are a few specific things that will kill the battery very quickly in my experience;

1. OIS - (optical image stabilization) on the Panasonic lenses will quickly drain a battery. When I have turned it on with my 45-200mm battery life is significantly shortened.

2. VF-2 - like Greg said the VF-2 will use more energy.

3. Big external focus lenses - the Olympus 70-300mm since the barrel is rotated for focus it seems to use more juice then the internal focusing micro four thirds lenses I have.
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Old Aug 1, 2012, 10:25 AM   #5
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I'd send the camera back for a replacement. I have an EPL1 with two batteries, the original and a spare I bought from Amazon. Both last over 300 shots (w/o shooting videos). I think the camera is draining the batteries way too fast.

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Old Aug 6, 2012, 4:33 PM   #6
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I use the 45-200 with the O.I.S on most of the time and I use the vf-2 and still get well over a hundred shots with my EPL-1. You either have a camera problem or a battery problem.
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I got and have now used some Wasabi batteries in my E-PL1 and what a world of difference! Apparently the two batteries that Cameta sent with the kit (one factory and one aftermarket) were crap and I'd have been better off just buying the camera and getting the batteries elsewhere like I finally had to. Cameta offered to replace them if I'd send them back but the Post Office considers them hazardous material and their regulations state that they have to be in their original packaging. Too much of a hassle...lesson learned. The Wasabi batteries seem to be a good deal.
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I have a smiliar problem but I think it's with the charger. I'll put in a battery I know to be dead, and it'll tell me it's done charging like five minutes later.
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