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Default One Of The Biggest Ever....

Good Lord man....37.12 megabytes? That's the size of this jpeg that came out of DXO Photo Lab, captured with the 20 megapixel E-M1 Mark II and 12-100mm f4 and saved at 100% quality level in DXO. Tons of detail, revealed just playing with the Smart Lighting filter and highlights sliders tweeked. I do love the rendering of the light and the bridge this scene. Bob, if you are looking I bet you know where it is.

All I can say is, if you do happen to download a trial of DXO Photo Lab, play with that Smart Lighting slider. If you captured a file with the detail intact according to the histogram as I have the past few days in shooting some test files just to see what was possible, this program can probably render it the way you want.

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....holy cow! That's a big file.

Yep, I've seen that foot-bridge a few times.

Here's is a SMALL (9.4MB) file of it .. July 2011, E-3 70-300 @ 70mm[/IMG]

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Yes, thank goodness disk space is cheap these days, LOL. As I keep all my images at home on an external drive and space with Smugmug is unlimited so long as you pay their annual fee, I don't feel the urge to reduce the "save as" percentage.

I've always saved my jpeg's in Photoshop at the "12" (on a scale of 1-12), with 12 basically being 100% too, and there have been times I've pushed right up to, or slightly over 30MB with out-of-Adobe camera raw jpegs, just never gone this far over 30MB. There's been several jpegs out of DXO Photo Lab that have clocked well over 30MB, with the 37.12 being the largest. I think it's a product of them doing their own body/lens combination profiling, which includes utilizing more the data off the sensor, which is why the DXO jpegs include additional detail (wider) compared to a jpeg from the same file processed in either the Adobe software or from Olympus.
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