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Default Ouch... that hurts!

Well, no sooner do I get comfortable with my Olympus E-PL1 and finally locate a VF-2 electronic viewfinder... than I promptly lose both. No jive.

My wife and I were departing for a trip to Florida last week. The airport limo stopped outside the departure terminal and we all got out to retrieve our luggage from the trunk. I don't know whether I left my camera bag inside the limo or perhaps set it on the car's huge rear bumper (Lincoln Town Car) but we noticed we didn't have the camera bag when we arrived at the luggage check-in area. Yes, we called the limo company and even airport police/lost and found. But the Olympus kit was gone.

Assuming it wasn't destroyed after flying off the bumper at speed, someone has themselves a nice little kit: Olympus E-PL1, VF-2 viewfinder, two batteries and two SanDisk Extreme III 4-gig memory cards... all in a nice little Tamrac Digital Zoom 2 bag. I'm going through Amex to see if their purchase protection program will cover me. But this episode has to be one of my top screw-ups of all time.

One consolation is that I took only the kit lens... leaving the Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 pancake at home. I guess I can simply replace the E-PL1, wait to see what Olympus will bring out to replace the E-P1 and E-P2 - or consider a Panasonic G2, a leftover G1 for $500... or whatever. Any recommendations on which direction I should take?

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I am really sorry to hear about your loss! We have traveled a lot, so I am very familiar with the confusion that comes when the limo arrives at the airport drop off point. We put into place a system to avoid just such circumstances.

My husband, Bradley, is handicapped and uses a scooter. So, I leave my combination purse-camera bag with Bradley, as he is always the last thing or person out of the limo. Then I get busy helping the driver unload and re-assemble Bradley's scooter and the luggage. Then I unload Bradley, but, first he hands me my purse-camera bag, which I sling over my shoulder, Next, I help Bradley out of the limo and get him to his scooter. Finally we count the bags, and do a quick check that we have everything before I pay the driver, the last thing on the list.

Again, I feel your loss! My cameras are like one of our 8 children, I am really attached to them, and like the kids, they are also insured.

Sarah Joyce
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Hi Sarah... thanks for the thoughts. Looking back, I did this because I deviated from my normal practice of having the camera-bag strap slung over my right shoulder with the bag hanging at my left hip. This was a new bag and I hadn't yet bothered to unfold the strap. I was carrying it by the nylon handle. I won't make that mistake again. But camera-dedicated insurance makes sense.
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What a rotten way to start your trip.

As someone who is very attached to his camera, I am very sorry to hear of the loss of your EPL-1 and I wouldn't really know what I'd do if I lost mine.

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Sorry to hear about you lost, hope AMEX will cover it.

But between the G2 and epl-1, the epl-1 is a better low light imager and if you are not a big photo editing guy, the jpeg engine of the oly can not be match by the panny.

I post some macro I took with the epl-1 and oly 35mm macro. And they look great straight out of the camera. I love that oly jpeg engine.
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