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Default Portraits of a Different Nature

I've been talked into doing some photography for a schnauzer rescue group that's going to consist of doing semi-formal portraits at an outdoor event on October 6 for contributions, and late this afternoon I had a chance to try out the lighting I'll be using.

This event is going to be outdoors and my plans are to balance flash and ambient light. To keep the lighting consistent, I am mounting the flash on my tripod using an umbrella adaptor and boucing the light from my FL50R into a 42 inch white umbrella. We did these tests indoors looking through a window to try and simulate shooting outside, so there are some reflections you can see in these that will not be an issue when actually outside.

Since the flash is firing into an umbrella and my camera is beyond that, they cannot "see" one another and I have not been able to get the built-in wireless system to work consistently, so I picked up some Cactus V5 triggers (excellent product) that work by radio contact, no line-of-site needed. They work perfectly, every shot.

Metered the light outside the window, set the flash to manual and dialed in the right power setting to simulate the same aperture at the distance from the subject where it was set. I tested it using a flash meter, but it would be easy enough to simply do trial and error and get it right within a few test shots.

Used the 75-300 M. Zuiko on the E-M5 so I could vary the zoom setting. Since the flash was in a set position I can also physically move in or back with the camera to get whatever look I'm trying to achieve. The wireless triggers are good to 100 meters....pretty darn good coverage. Probably more than I need .

Captured raw and processed in Photoshop CS6.

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Default Beautiful work....

Beautiful work, Greg... sad there should need to be a rescue group for Schnauzer's... they're great dogs. Simply beautiful photography.
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Very nice. I love the color and bokeh of the background.
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Nice detail, great job as usual.
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