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KulaCube Aug 28, 2011 5:55 PM

Sensor "Crud" removal
While out visiting Prince Edward Island, was reviewing photos on my sister's flat screen and noticed a soft shadow on a number of shots. Sure enough, there was a spot of "crud" on the sensor. Possibly a spot of fluff. No amount of on and off for the vibration cleaning would make this shift. So much for the dust reduction system. I was not going to trust blowing -- to easy for a bit of damp to hit the sensor and make things worse.

So I ventured into the big city of Charlottetown in search of a camera shop. My sister told me that there is one (and as it turns out, the only one in the entire province) in town. And out of stock was anything to do with cleaning a sensor. Not even a blower brush. Not one to give in, I then headed for a make-up counter at the drug store. Nivrana! A Quo eyeliner brush, soft natural bristle, with a plastic collar protecting the brush, in a sealed pouch. One quick soft wipe and the crud was gone. This brush will now be a fixture in the bag.

I bought this camera (E-PL1) for the dust reduction system as my last camera's sensor (a sealed PnS) gathered a nice collection of stuff on the sensor. While on our previous trip to PEI. What is it about PEI and sensor dirt? With the PEN I only change the lens indoors on a clean surface out of the wind. But still stuff gets in. Glad I found it before heading home. Only about two days of shots have the blob, and only really noticeable in the sky shots.

So, to keep shooting the Beauty shots, go to the Beauty shop.

Greg Chappell Aug 29, 2011 9:16 AM

Sensor "stuff" obviously happens alot. Otherwise, you would never find cleaning accessories for it. Knock on wood, but I have never had to clean a sensor on Olympus DSLR's going back to late 2005 or a Pen now that I have been using then since early last year, but there's always the chance that might change. The sensors are definitely exposed more on these mirrorless bodies than ever before.

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