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Default Shutter Lag

Hi all. I love the look of the Oly PEN, but have seen reviews saying that the shutter lag is pretty bad. Can anyone comment on their experience with the Oly?
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If you are shooting single shot, and not C-AF there is no shutter lag. Now in C-AF, continuous AF, the AF does slow you down to get focus before the camera snaps the shot. It is more an issue of AF lag rather then shutter lag.
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I'll add finder lag in addition to what shoturtle said, which is common to some extent with any camera using an electronic finder of some sort. The electronic finder is just behind what's actually happening that if you are attempting to time your shot based on what you are seeing, either on the back LCD or the finder if you are using the VF-2 eyelevel finder, you will "miss" what you are trying to shoot if it is a subject in motion.

The easiest way to see it is to use the back LCD, hold it out in front so you can watch both the subject and see the LCD at the same time. If you are shooting a landscape or in a museum or anywhere else you would be shooting static subjects, this is no issue, but if the subject is in motion, you have to time things differently than when viewing though an optical, real time finder. The first time you try it, you'll see. It's hard to put into exact numbers how much the delay is, It's not huge, but is enough to ruin pretty much anything you try and shoot that's moving until you start making allowances for it.

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Compared to a normal dSLR, yes Micro FourThirds is slower.

When normally in use the shutter is open (in order for the EVF function to work). When you take a picture, the shutter has to close first...this is the step that slows down the camera; a normal dSLR doesn't have to do this, unless in Live View mode.
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