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boBBrennan Sep 15, 2011 11:55 PM

....snapshots with the P3
Little by little I am getting acquainted with the E-P3.

Bibble Pro5 has not updated yet for E-P3 RAW so shot these as JPEG and ran through Bibble for simple exposure shift, crop and Noise Ninja adjustment where I wanted something different.

I didn't like the in camera sharpness setting in these, it really showed in the hair, in-camera sharpness is reset to '0' going forward. Also, I had noise reduction OFF, that is now turned ON with the noise filter set to LOW.

As much as I like the jpg files from the P3, I really want to get back to RAW and hoping for a Bibble update soon.

These made with in camera sharpness +1, noise reduction OFF, FL-36 w/Demb 3 1/2 white deflector.

The 1st-three with the 14-54 v-I lens, the other with m14-42 IIR.

Bella, our great granddaughter spent the afternoon with us today is the model.

....the dribbles but hey, you want fries with that

Bella, grandma (Mimi) & great-grandma

zig-123 Sep 16, 2011 5:09 AM

Wow, wasn't it just about a month ago that you posted some pics of Bella in the hospital when she came into this world?

My does time fly.

Great candids.


boBBrennan Sep 16, 2011 7:22 AM

......18-months Zig, time is flying by quickly now for Annabella and Bonnie & me.

Steven R Sep 16, 2011 11:45 AM

Nice family BoBB, and nice captures. Well done.

(Looking at these, especially #1 & #2, I'm not convinced that you spending more time with working RAW files could significantly improve your output of the Pen.)

boBBrennan Sep 16, 2011 5:19 PM

hi Steven,
.................well, the original jpg files for these were run through Bibble Pro for some tweaking (I don't always do camera settings as well as a LOT of people we know, including yourself). So I like doing RAW and adjusting where needed, if I like the image as shot it simply goes through the conversion as I look at the next.

BBBUUTTTTTTT !!!! In the P3 I finally figured out how to set the 'vert and horiz' electronic level gauge, what a blessing to have that even though it took some menu digging to find how to set. I spend time on MANY files to straighten them and what really beats me up is what I see as level one time may not be seen again or sometimes the result of straightening may at some later time prove not to be. Because I have double vision (one eye hi and one eye low, it's an old-age thing for me) without glasses, it depends on how my glasses are 'mounted' as to how I see subtle level so I depend on crop grid lines usually to get that done... with the P3 I at least have an opportunity to get it right in the camera.

Thanks for your remarks, the P3 is really good at what it does with the files, but then everyone has already said that and some have proven it with images, I just tag along.:camera:

MarceloLI Sep 30, 2011 6:42 PM

Hi Bob,

Those pictures are great..!! love the colors and sharpness and of course Bella is so beautiful..!!!

How do you find the AF of the EP-3?

Thank you for sharing.

boBBrennan Sep 30, 2011 8:16 PM

...........thanks for your nice comments, Bella is such a joy and fun to photograph.

The P3 AF is really fast with the 14-42 II R which is the only m43 lens I have, it snaps to focus directly and nearly instant. Greg Chappell now has an impressive set of m43 lenses and says all of them snap into nearly instant AF.

I enjoy using the 14-54 V-I for the physical balance the lens gives, the 14-54 actually focuses on par with my E-3. I too like using the ZD 70-300 on the P3 and that lens acts pretty much the same as it does on the E-3 which means the system will 'hunt' for focus quite often, but the results can be fantastic.

So, for the time being my lens usage is primarily 4/3 on the P3 and I am pleased with the results and AF is acceptable for how I use the P3.

Substituting the P3 for the E-3 really makes for a light carry load during my often parks hikes that now usually last 2-3 hours time, I appreciate the weight difference.

Greg Chappell Oct 1, 2011 1:10 AM

What a sweetie. They grow up fast. I remember my daughter, Kelsey, when she was about that age. She's now learning to fly the T-6 in Enid, Oklahoma for the USAF.

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