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Default Some Classic, and Some Beautiful, and Some Just Plain Old Lines

Went out and about today with the E-PL1, my newest acquisition, the 14-42 II kit lens, the micro 40-150, Panasonic 20mm f1.7 and the Olympus 50mm f2 Digital Zuiko. I had no idea where I was going to wind up, but at one point I sure was glad I had both the 20mm f1.7 and 50mm f2 on hand.

Started out at the Arboretum and captured some color, using the 14-42 II..

and the 40-150 Micro Zuiko..

I don't know about you, but I always seem to have the wrong lens mounted when a suprise pops up, which is exactly what happened as I walked up on the next shot, so I quickly mounted by 40-150, set the metering to spot and +.7 EV compensation, metered off the white dress and shot this as she was wating on the guy doing the "real" shooting..

Then I headed off to Fair Park, where after arriving I found a museum that I discovered had just opened up 4 months ago for collector cars. Almost 100 of everything you could think of from 1909 to 2010. Thank you for thinking to pack BOTH the 20 Panny and 50mm Digital Zuiko...

If you look really close, this is a self-portrait of me reflecting off the hood ornament of a 1948 Lincoln Continental, which also just happened to be the last car Babe Ruth owned..

These last 4 images were captured using the 14-42 II, which shows no lack of sharpness to me in shooting stills (movies? I donshootnostinkin movies....), at the Age of Steam Museum..

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Hi Greg,

These images speak very well for the E-PL1's sensor and jpeg engine. All are quite lovely to look at.

That's quite a complete set of lenses that you've got for micro four thirds. I'm curious how you find the 14-42MKII len's AF as compared to the original?
In the grand scheme of things, AF speed is not a major factor as there, obviously, are other limitations within the m43 concept. But, I was wondering if the differences are noticeable or more marketing hype rather than substance..


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Wide open at 42mm, my copy of the original 14-42 has a little blurring on the left-hand side of the frame that really turned me off on it. This new one is uniformly sharp across the image and is not nearly as "loose" feeling as the original. It's also noticeably smaller and, hard to believe, but even ligher.

AF is virtually instantaneous. There's really no need for Olympus to have a SWD-type motor for micro four-thirds with this new internal focussing system they now use. They just need to start making some faster lenses, which will be bigger and take away from the smallness factor for sure.

I kinda like what's available now in terms of the lens options and size factor. Several times during the day yesterday I was really wishing for the longer end of the 70-300, but I really like the AF and handling of the smaller 40-150 micro on the Pen, which then makes me start thinking about the 75-300 Micro Zuiko. Hmmmm.
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wow great pics. i hope to be this good someday
noob with a olympus EPL-1 with panasonic lens's , 14-42mm and a 45-200mm. Teach me something please
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