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Default Think Tank Mirrorless Mover 30i

I really like this bag. Perfect for a 3-4 lens Micro outfit, zooms or primes. Here's an image of the bag with the current outfit sitting in front..

The front flap isn't all that exciting. It's held down magnetically and has no storage compartments in it. It just covers up the front storage compartment, where the rain jacket is in the left-hand pocket as you view the image below and I have two spare batteries for the E-M5 in the right-hand pocket. The area in front is a little narrow, but spacey enough to hold quite a few trinkets..

I love these type shoulder strap attachments. Great for keeping the strap unbound, and the should pad itself is plenty good for the weight of a full bag..

Here's the interior of the bag, setup for my current outfit. The longer back space is designed for an iPad, but I utilize it as additional storage for "stuff" I would normally pack in larger bags...

And here it is with everything packed. As I said, very nice. Just enough longer inside than the Retrospective 5 bag, and I like how the main compartment unzips from the opposite direction so when you open the bag the flap goes away from you.

The 12mm f2, 45/1.8 and 75/1.8 are all facing down, hoods mounted for shooting and with the front caps off for faster lens changes.

This bag is a good balance of outfit space vs. additional storage and overall size. As I mentioned earlier I like the small size of the Retrospective 5 bag, but it's JUST small enough I can't carry that extra lens in ready shooting position as above without hanging a separate lens bag from the side rail. The Think Tank City Walker 10 bag has great extra storage in addition to holding the above outfit, but to the point the bag is more bulky than I would want to haul around on vacation where a lot of walking was required.

Would you like to see it packed some other way to see how different Olympus bodies and lens combinations work? Let me know and I'll add additional images. I have most of the lenses ....

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Looks like a well thought out and well filled bag. If it is deep enough for an iPad, the lens must have a fair bit of head room...
The rain jacket -- for the bag? If it is, how easy is it to deploy when a downpour strikes? The rain shield on my bag (Lowepro Nova 160 AW) is dead simple to pull out and work over the bag when sitting at home, but a devil to fit over the bag when out and it is pouring. My wife feels having a waterproof bag is silly -- when it rains just pop into a clothing/shoe store.
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Yeah, head room is quite ample for the primes. If you fit a 75-300 face down with the front cap off and hood on for ready switching and shooting (like I did today), it tops off at the very top with the bag still able to be zipped closed.

I played with the rain coat for a few minutes. It's in the front pocket and is an easy fit. Of course, at crunch time anything could go wrong

In addition to the 75-300, I was also using the 14-150 and 9-18, a three lens outfit that works very well too.
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nice looking bag and drool worthy prime selection you have
in my bag: e-m1, 7-14mm pro, 14-54mm mk ii, 50-200mm mk i, 70-300mm
in my pocket: e-pm2 lumix 12-32
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I agree Ramce but not for us po boys.
Olympus OMD-M5, HLG6 grip, Olympus 4/3rd 35mm macro lens, Panny/Leica 25mm, f1.4, Olympus 17mm, Canon Pro 9000 Mk II Printer, Canon MP990 Printer, Slik U212 Tripod, Manfrotto monopod, MMF3 converter.
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